Month: <span>June 2015</span>

PHY – Live From Ninety-One

PHY – Live From Ninety-One – Mixtape Review Smooth, chilled-out atmospheres come out strongly in the opening of the latest mixtape from PHY – Live From Ninety-One. It takes less than a minute to want to be a part of the rhythm and groove of PHY, “I Got A Feeling” is definitely not a cover […]Read More

Seth Balestrieri – “Our Song (Boston Strong)”

Seth Balestrieri – “Our Song (Boston Strong)” – Single Review I often get a little antsy when I realize that my first introduction to an artist or band’s music is tied to a cause or awareness campaign…largely for two reasons. One being that I’m a crusty, old & bitter version of the beautiful butterfly I […]Read More

Prose In Rosette – Abstract Retract

Prose In Rosette – Abstract Retract – EP Review Prose In Rosette is making sweet alternative music with a large indie-vibe running through it. Fans of bands like Sparklehorse or James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins will get that melodic sound they love with what Douglas Jay Hertel has been coming up with in the […]Read More

Dynamics Plus

Time to get REAL.  Dynamics Plus has been going his own route, doing things his own way and finding tremendous new ideas and ways to innovate through his music in a completely organic way.  I’ve been hooked on the dude and his creative rhymes since reviewing one of his latest albums here at SBS and […]Read More

Eric And Aaron – To Keep From Losing Our Minds

Eric And Aaron – To Keep From Losing Our Minds – EP Review Impressive songs from the song-writing duo of Eric And Aaron…I really felt like I didn’t know what I could or couldn’t expect in listening to their latest EP, To Keep From Losing Our Minds – and by the time it was over […]Read More

Haiqeem – “Don’t Give A Damn”

Haiqeem – “Don’t Give A Damn” – Single Review This doesn’t happen very often at all…but I think I’m honestly stumped here on whether or not the people out there will be able to following along with what Haiqeem is creating. With a clever, groovy bass-line opening, it’s almost hard to see that hard-rock edge […]Read More

Audiopium – Boonie Mayfield Presents: It’s Audiopium

Audiopium – Boonie Mayfield Presents: It’s Audiopium – Album Review Some of you people out there outta be recognizing this name by now! We’ve spent a lot of time with Solomon Vaughn, aka Boonie Mayfield, a hip-hopster with a mad desire to take hold of his destiny and bring the beats to the people. In […]Read More

Return For Refund – Return For Refund

Return For Refund – Return For Refund – EP Review Big rock sounds echoing out of Toronto, Canada, coming from the amplifiers of Return For Refund – a three-piece rock’n’roll crew built on frantically-intense, straight-to-your-face music. Incorporating skilled musicianship, complex timing signatures and blazing-hot performances, Return For Refund is making sure you get every pennies-worth […]Read More

TK – “I Don’t Know”

TK – “I Don’t Know” – Single Review For realz…how REAL is this? A solid time-out from TK on this brand-new single “I Don’t Know” – I busted out into an instant grin from ear-to-ear the moment that he started up his hustle & flow because I could hear hooks coming at me from every […]Read More