Month: <span>June 2015</span>

Rico Jeezus – A Misanthropist Heaven

Rico Jeezus – A Misanthropist Heaven – EP Review You know what I appreciate? Something NEW. My own work & writing included – independent music journalism…hell, even mainstream writers too…we all jump to words like new, unique, authentic, genuine when describing an artist or band’s sound – but it’s truly rare that we find those […]Read More

N0va – Whip Sessions

N0va – Whip Sessions – Album Review Canadian solo-artist N0va demonstrates the free-spirited attitude the country is famous for on an album filled with good-times from the old-school to the new on his latest album Whip Sessions. I love how some of these tracks take me right back to the days of Biz Markie, Kid […]Read More

Francesco Amico Quartet – “Slow Motion”

Francesco Amico Quartet – “Slow Motion” – Single Review I want to start this review with letting it be known that I am a fan of the Jazz music. As a child in school I joined the jazz-band in grade eleven as a drummer and that truly showed me the musical talents a musician needs […]Read More

Last Time Only – Past+Present=No Future

Last Time Only – Past+Present=No Future – EP Review Sweet acoustic rhythms collected over the past several years by solo artist Jared Woodruff, who goes by Last Time Only in releasing his music. Technically around since the turn of the millennium, his music has that post-90’s emotional sound…pure acoustic entertainment that still retains the sentiment […]Read More

Jonas Martin – Chokecherry Jam

Jonas Martin – Chokecherry Jam – Album Review Jonas Martin has found a home here at sleepingbagstudios, his new album Chokecherry Jam is chockfull of precise musicianship played with real style & skill, innovation and undeniable passion for the craft. From everything I’ve read about Martin, he’d never be content to simply walk the path […]Read More

Jus – Obsession

Jus – Obsession – EP Review It is truly not all that often that I hear rap that pulls me in close to listen like this latest EP from Jus has. Obsession plays at an authoritative level and demonstrates a real mastery of the hip-hop/rap genres – this is completely REAL as all-hell and I’m […]Read More

Girl On The Run – “Get Out Of My Life”

***Editors Note*** Before I get started on into the world of Girl On The Run…let me explain something… As a journalist, we run into scenarios all the time where, when having written about 400+ reviews, we have to get a little inventive with what we say or stand the risk of having every second word […]Read More

Franki Love – “Lullaby”

Franki Love – “Lullaby” – Single Review It doesn’t get any better than what you’ll read on the about pages of Franki Love’s social media…the purest of intentions are right there in plain English; if you look under interests, you’ll read a mission statement of sorts…”To serve humanity with love & music.” I ask you […]Read More

Salt – Omertà

Salt – Omertà – EP Review I’ve had to listen to stuff in much crazier ways in the past I suppose… Today’s EP review on hip-hop/rap-artist Salt has been created more as a sampling of the ghostwriting he’s attempting to take on and break into. So…much like my own solo-project as Aixelsyd – Salt hasn’t […]Read More