Month: <span>June 2015</span>

Zombie Killers – “Fly”

Here’s an undeniably fun new video for the club-worthy single called “FLY” from Zombie Killers.  With everything from gangsters to twerkin’ girls all getting along by the end of this track…what else can you say other than the power of music just has that heartwarming way of bringing people together like that. But it’s definitely […]Read More

Mercury & The Architects – Mercury & The Architects

Mercury & The Architects – Mercury & The Architects – EP Review We’re beginning to develop a semi-regular cast of characters here at the pages of sleepingbagstudios…anyone else noticing that? Mercury & The Architects first appeared on our pages with the lead single from their soon-to-be-released self-titled EP called “Philosophy Of Hope” which appears in […]Read More

Machinista – Garmonbozia

Machinista – Garmonbozia – Album Review Excellent mix of synthetic grooves and emotional electro-pop on the latest album from Machinista, it’s a great blend of post-punk sounds meeting more modern concepts in subtle-but-intense electronic. With a range of tones and sounds that date back to Duran Duran or The Cure…it has the pop-nature of bands […]Read More

Zero Verdict – “Train”

Zero Verdict – “Train” – Single/Music Video Release Gotta say…I’m impressed with this full-frontal new rock assault from Zero Verdict! We’re familiar with the music of this four-piece band from Oulu, Finland as we’ve reviewed their previous EP Clarity nearly a year ago now and it looks like we’ve got our hands & ears on […]Read More

Stir Of Echoes – Echoes

Stir Of Echoes – Echoes – EP Review UK-based alternative-rock band Stir Of Echoes have made some interesting choices in the direction of sound on their new EP, Echoes. Like one part Lou Reed…another Tragically Hip…maybe a dash of Cold War Kids…all artists & bands with a largely unrefined feel to their catalogues; and all […]Read More

Solomon Vaughn – Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn

Solomon Vaughn – Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn – Album Review Big respect to an artist that can create and bring exciting ideas like this to life. Right from the opening track on Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn, “Brothafromanothamotha” there is a captivating element to the music that captures and holds interest instantly. It’s an […]Read More

Jared Deck – “17 Miles”

Jared Deck – “17 Miles” – Single Review Can’t help but catch the vibe on the latest song from Jared Deck. The new single, “17 Miles” is a great blend of classic-rock, Americana and a slight country-twinge all coming together perfectly for good times and much volume. In short, the song rocks…but I do kinda […]Read More

†he Chris†ian S†oners

Interview with †he Chris†ian S†oners SBS:  My first question!  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us everyone!  I have to start is by asking why the band name is †he Chris†ian S†oners? †he Chris†ian S†oners:  Our manager said it’s best to not answer this question. SBS:  I had a hard time finding […]Read More

Amin Laboriel – “Chocolate Banana Pop It” Featuring JC

Amin Laboriel – “Chocolate Banana Pop It” Featuring JC – Single Review Welcome to a dirty little ditty from Amin Laboriel…the sexualized “Chocolate Banana Pop It” single featuring JC. A song that certainly puts out a large summer vibe and party atmosphere, it’s also clever in the way that it uses its main hook to […]Read More

Luca Bash – Single Drops

Luca Bash – Single Drops – EP Review Definitely a tough one to review…I gotta give Luca Bash some real credit for challenging my ears and brain for true acceptance with this new EP. On the one hand, there’s a beautifully gifted songwriter and musician…on the other is one struggling to find the perfect tones […]Read More