Month: <span>April 2015</span>

JoyFocus – Random Access Digital Audio Heresy

JoyFocus – Random Access Digital Audio Heresy – Album Review There’s always a couple ways to examine an album or artist in review…or at least I hope that’s the case cause if it’s not I’ve been doing an awful lot wrong for an awful long while now… But when taking a look at JoyFocus, those […]Read More

World In Three Chords – Singles

World In Three Chords – Reverbnation Songs – Singles Collected All the way from Finland today! I tell ya…we’re such a global community aren’t we independent music-lovers? I love seeing music from so far away pop into my inbox…and I have no idea what the music-scene is like right now in Finland, so this is […]Read More


HEAD – HEAD – EP Review Here’s a potentially exciting new music project from Vancouver, BC, coming to us in the form of HEAD, who combine electro & rock sounds, sweet & sultry vocals and tight musicianship in some pretty exceptional songs on their debut record. While many attempts at combinations in sound can often […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – Colored World

Chaz Chambers – Colored World – EP Review Ahhh yes! Here it IS! The much anticipated full EP from musical innovationist Chaz Chambers dubbed Colored World. Ever since getting our first snapshot of this Denver, Colorado-based musician through reviewing the lead single “Calming Pressures” earlier this year; to say I had high-hopes and expectations about […]Read More

Danielle Taylor – The Chase

Danielle Taylor – The Chase – EP Review Rarely is such a cheerful, sunny & bright disposition pulled off with such authenticity, but it would seem that would be exactly the case of Danielle Taylor. This talented singer/song-writer makes music with melodies and tone every bit as beautiful as the lady herself; Danielle Taylor is […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 025

All new episode with fantastic personality, real heart & great music courtesy of Kristia Di Gregorio and husband/musical cohort Tony dropping by to lend their time and talent to an interview and performance here at sleepingbagstudios in 2015 – check it out!Read More

Mandy Woods – All Along

Mandy Woods – All Along – EP Review Here’s a whole mitt-full of sounds you might not expect on this new EP All Along, and specifically Mandy Woods herself, a singer/song-writer of the folk-variety. Currently based in the UK, you can hear the accent creep through every once in a while…what can I say aside […]Read More

A&L – “Onto The Next Heart”

A&L – “Onto The Next Heart” – Single Review With a bright, throwback sound that leans towards a time when rock was first branching out into exciting new combinations of pop/rock, the duo known as A&L are back with a brand-new single called “Onto The Next Heart.” Using big, crunchy guitars, sweetly-toned vocals and a […]Read More

SBS Separated 035 – Soldier Rye (SBS Produced Video-Remix 2015)

This was an absolute TON of fun.  I didn’t end up shooting the footage here in the Soldier Rye video, but man did I have fun working with the footage he had for his “Boomerang (CIDIC Remix)” cut!  Seriously!  Look at the awesome claymation stuff happening here…that’s the medium I’ve always wanted to work with […]Read More