A&L – “Onto The Next Heart”

 A&L – “Onto The Next Heart”

A&L – “Onto The Next Heart” – Single Review

With a bright, throwback sound that leans towards a time when rock was first branching out into exciting new combinations of pop/rock, the duo known as A&L are back with a brand-new single called “Onto The Next Heart.” Using big, crunchy guitars, sweetly-toned vocals and a confident approach, A&L have put together a catchy rhythm and empowering anthem that borrows a style & sound from our music’s history and includes their own modern-twists & combined vast experience.

I think that…well…I think the bio I’ve read on A&L potentially modernizes them a little too far by comparison, which could be potentially misleading for fans out there. While artists like Pink and bands like The Pretty Reckless are cited, we’ve got a sound & something here in “Onto The Next Heart” that reaches much further back than any PR company would ever admit – but the truth is that you potentially damage a sound more by inaccurate comparisons and raised expectations. Sometimes I think these PR guys haven’t learned a thing in the last hundred years…

Besides…we live in a world where retro is COOL, and the cyclical nature of music always runs its course through sounds of old mixing with sounds of the new and the roots of the genre in question finding their way to the surface again. As in, there’s simply no reason to hide behind what you truly might sound like in any attempt to pull in modern-day fans…believe me when I say, there’s enough people on this floating rock to support any/all types of music no matter what it sounds like or what year it sounds like it came from. So to that end – do I hear Pink? No to be truthful I do not. But I do hear Pat Benetar, who was a star of equal or greater shine back in her day. Do I hear The Pretty Reckless? No to be truthful again, I do not. But I do hear bands like Heart or Joan Jett and the Blackhearts…the pop-side anyhow…

Do these new comparisons completely cover the sound & scope of A&L? Of course not. But I do think they’re a more accurate reflection of the root sounds of a song like “Onto The Next Heart,” and I think it is our duty as music-journalists to battle PR companies attempting to steer the direction of a band or artist into the mainstream under the ideal umbrellas of modern-day pop-stars, to search for what’s truly REAL about the music that you’ll be able to identify with personally, for better or for worse. Presumably, for many of you, it’s this very core concept of ours that continues to bring you back to read.

There’s certainly no doubt that both the A AND the L in this duo have spent their time immersed in our music culture and history; they’ve both enjoyed successful careers in entertainment for years and years. Lana Marie, the L in A&L, is an award-winning vocalist and her incredible vocals have been featured on many a TV/Radio jingle. If there’s one thing I know about the jingle-making crowd of vocalists out there – it’s that their work-ethic would frighten you BALD. Seriously – you’d lose all your hair in a single heartbeat if you had to keep up with these musical superstars in the shadows; they’re always working, always creative, always finding something new to do. Lana clearly has the style of voice that would work for so many different projects. “Onto The Next Heart,” reveals a sweet tone & a slight rasp – but also shows she has total control over which of these sounds needs to be the dominant one with the music’s melody. Smartly written lyrics, Lana sings with astounding confidence and proves that veteran doesn’t equate to ‘has-been’ whatsoever – she’s right there in the moment and rocking on “Onto The Next Heart,” delivering her vocals with perfect pitch & energy in a very convincing performance.

The A of A&L, Anthony Casuccio, also brings a ton of expertise, experience and talent into this song, gathered from over twenty-years in the industry. Nominated for three Grammy-awards for production during the span of his career, Anthony has garnered the respect of his peers and fans alike through his commitment to delivering sparkling, quality sound from the speakers to your eardrums. With his incredible knowledge of the studio and its relationship to the inner-workings of making music that truly shines; Anthony has had his own music find its way to the top of the charts and been a featured artist in publications found all over the globe. The combination of the two main talents of A&L seem to come together in a vibrant display of talent and tight song-writing here on this sharply produced new single “Onto The Next Heart.”

But wait! That’s not all! The & of A&L this time around, is really being supplied by their good friend and legendary bass-player Jerry Livingston. I might need to fact-check this one a little more than I have already…cause I’m assuming there must be two Dr. Livingstons I presume? Unless “Onto The Next Heart” has been unearthed from the vault, the bass-player Jerry Livingston unfortunately died in 1987 according to the internet…so…so yeah…I’m not entirely sure how he’s made his way onto the new single here, but for some reason I still haven’t ruled this out from possibility…

What I can tell you for sure, is that the resulting combination of all three players makes for one good time. There’s a lot of effort put in here from performance to production on “Onto The Next Heart,” and A&L have pulled it all off in a very seemingly effortless way. It’s upbeat, and it SOUNDS like they’re having a good time, which is always something that can bring a smile to a listener’s face and brighten their day. As empowering through the lyrics as the music is energetic – A&L have put together a solid sound here that clearly showcases dynamic talent. They’re artists that have spent a lifetime loving what they do and wanting to share that with each & every one of you – “Onto The Next Heart” is a sweet pop/rock tune ready to be turned up and sung aloud while you search for that next love of your life this summer.

Check out the video for “Onto The Next Heart” below and find out more from their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AandLmusic

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