Month: <span>April 2015</span>

Connor Posey Presents – 11:33

Connor Posey Presents – 11:33 – Album Review If you’re a fan of extreme sounds, massive metal and all-out chaos contained & controlled within your music – you’re going to love what Connor Posey Presents. The title of the album, 11:33, caught my attention right away…not really even sure why to tell you the truth; […]Read More

Naomi K – “Take Me Home”

Naomi K – “Take Me Home” – Single Review A good friend of mine passed on this single of Naomi K, mentioning that we might have a potential hit-song on our hands here in this review of her new song “Take Me Home.” I suppose I’m mentioning this as to make sure you all suffer […]Read More

SBS Separated 034 – Expain (Live @ SBS 2013)

Check it out, check it out!  First time extreme metal ever found itself inside our studio walls was when Vancouver band Expain came out to destroy the place. Featuring what is now an older line-up including former lead singer Daniel Brand, Expain still continues on strongly today in the Vancouver scene and are constantly active […]Read More

RexChicago – X-Rays

RexChicago – X-Rays – Album Review Oh Soundcloud…when will you ever get your shit together? You all know I’m on the site all the time, it’s not like I’m not a fan of what comes out of there…but if I’ve got my choice of there or Bandcamp, you know you’ll find me at the latter […]Read More

The Devine Xperience – “The Answer”

The Devine Xperience – “The Answer” – Single/Video Review I, uh….hmm….I’m not really sure what I’m listening to & watching right now…yet… Even one of my favourite electro-only acts, Hot Chip, has a very hard time selling it all to me live with four guys standing around a bunch of electro pads and rooted in […]Read More

SBS Separated 033 – The Danbury Lie

Had a lot of fun making this video for a former guest of our show SBS Live This Week, creator and solo-artist behind the mind of the music of The Danbury Lie, Rob Loncto.  The guy makes music at an unbelievably inspiring rate, far outrunning by ability to review him; by the time I go […]Read More

Jeff The Brotherhood – Wasted On The Dream

Jeff The Brotherhood – Wasted On The Dream – Album Review Sometimes being rooted & entrenched in the independent music-scene can allow mainstream bands and artists to fly wide of my musical-radar. Jeff The Brotherhood certainly spent their time and paid their dues in the indie-scene before their massive breakout & worldwide recognition in 2011; […]Read More

SBS Separated 032 – Kerry Jayne

Here’s a really special one for me.  It’s always awesome to be someone’s first interview ever on their path to jump-starting their music careers.  Here in this video, is an acoustic performance from Kerry Jayne, who used to live on our beautiful Vancouver Island where we shot this first interview/live performance from a then-unknown Kerry […]Read More

SBS Separated 031 – Alex Rake

As some of you know I had the privilege of being able to be on a panel of judges at this year’s Battle Of The Bands at the University of Fraser Valley here in BC, put on by their campus radio station CIVL.  Not only did we see some amazing talent from the stage from […]Read More

BlackQuestion – 27

BlackQuestion – 27 – Album Review Canton, Ohio’s BlackQuestion is an enigma of sorts. You’ve gotta respect the little details you find along the way sometimes when researching a band or artist…and a quick look into the BlackQuestion page at Bandcamp will reveal that it’s a solo artist driving the music – one “that does […]Read More