Month: <span>April 2015</span>

Louis Stylez – The Rise Of Louis Stylez

Louis Stylez – The Rise Of Louis Stylez – EP Review After reading about the combined 800,000+ hits on his music-videos and how Louis Stylez’s songs have crossed the water to other continents entirely, finding its way to the UK and Africa – a long, long way away from his hometown of Kansas City; expectations […]Read More

SBS Separated 030 – Lung Flower

Come get some! Here’s a shot of Vancouver hard-rock/grunge/metal band Lung Flower performing a live cover of Nirvana’s “Scentless Apprentice” at Olympia in Surrey, B.C. in early 2015.  Watch for Lung Flower to make an appearance on an upcoming two-part episode of SBS Live This Week here in May – and make sure to watch […]Read More

The Fox & The Hound – An Unlikely Pair

The Fox & The Hound – An Unlikely Pair – Album Review There are a couple things you can instantly draw from a little research into social-media and a listening to this new music from The Fox & The Hound: This ‘unlikely’ pair…is playing that aspect up just a little more than you’d think. You’ll […]Read More

Aminita Satori – Where Language Fails

Aminita Satori – Where Language Fails – Album Review Undeniably, there is a true artist that ‘gets it’ here…though from what I can gather that hasn’t always been the case. Aminita Satori used to enjoy a successful career as a soundtrack producer for major television ads & promotions for giants of industry like McDonald’s, Verizon, […]Read More

SBS Separated 029 – West My Friend

Many of you already know about the excellent time I got to have with your SBS Reader-Voted ‘Best New Sound of 2014’ number-one choice, West My Friend, earlier on this month.  And I figured, while we get that footage all ready and cut ourselves a brand new episode for the show (or two!) – why […]Read More

SBS Separated 028 – Rasta Mike

Some of the absolute best moments I’ve ever witnessed on a musical-level have come from the complete unexpected.  Moments where music bursts out from beside you, and you had no idea it was even coming…that kind of thing… So in this posting for SBS Separated (which will be firing up regularly until the end of […]Read More

Cirex – Cosmology

Cirex – Cosmology – EP Review Back with more music that’s more likely to convince you that every car-alarm in your neighbourhood has gone off at once, rather than your stereo being turned up in full, is Puerto Rico’s own extreme IDM innovator, Cirex. Last time we heard from Eric Ortiz, the mind behind the […]Read More

Anne Steele – What’s Mine

Anne Steele – What’s Mine – EP Review Don’t get me wrong, weather-wise it would have been a bright & sunny day here in BC no matter what was coming through our speakers today…it’s one of our rare April days without rain it would seem; but I’ll absolutely make the case for the sunshine finding […]Read More

Zane Brune – Fists Of Old Glory

Zane Brune – Fists Of Old Glory – Album Review Is Chicago? Is not Chicago? Someone out there, presumably the man identified as Zane Brune, will get that reference… So here we are again, reviewing music by one of its true avant-garde madmen and one of the hardest working human-beings this side of having a […]Read More

Strange Fiction – Orange Pre-Release

Strange Fiction – Orange Pre-Release – Singles Review Oh MY Spain! Is this what you sound like? Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier? The two new fantastic singles from all the way across the world have made it here for good reason. Seriously – Spain – you sound like THIS? I can’t get over […]Read More