Danielle Taylor – The Chase

 Danielle Taylor – The Chase

Danielle Taylor – The Chase – EP Review

Rarely is such a cheerful, sunny & bright disposition pulled off with such authenticity, but it would seem that would be exactly the case of Danielle Taylor. This talented singer/song-writer makes music with melodies and tone every bit as beautiful as the lady herself; Danielle Taylor is pretty much the whole pop-package ready to go with perfect songs breaking the way for her to jump enthusiastically into her time in the spotlight.

And from everything my ears can hear, our new lady-friend deserves the attention her music is getting. She’s already opened up for some noteworthy names in the industry like Dick Dale, Jonny Lang, Wilson Phillips…and her list of achievements continues to grow. From what I can also see, this isn’t Danielle’s first trip around the sun either; she’s released her first EP Don’t Turn On The Light which opened the doors for her to work with some fantastic talents in the music studio to record her latest tunes on The Chase. A quick listen to the EP…I dunno…what can I say aside from that anyone that wouldn’t want to work with a song-writer of this caliber would be absolutely out of their freakin mind and more than likely tone deaf. Danielle Taylor has the natural talent, skill, instincts and performance-level you can hear makes for the potential of a real breakout superstar.

She had this hairy bearded guy at track ONE. “Fearless” is an excellent pop-anthem; it’s uplifting, empowering and full of the bright & beautiful melodies that make a whole day shine with positivity. Her verse flows smoothly, the chorus is big…it’s a massive opening for The Chase and a real indication of just how big these five songs are going to get. With a pop-sound that’s similar to one of my own favourites – Chantal Kreviazuk – Danielle Taylor has put together a melody of completely stellar quality and delivers with astounding, well-founded confidence.

Honestly! Danielle! You’re solid as a rock! “Jump Into The Unknown” is pretty much the pop song I want to spend my lifetime listening to right now. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water down south, but it sure always sounds like a great time from people you know are TRULY having a great time, just like Danielle is right now. At this point in her life, the buzz is solidly building behind her music and you can HEAR how focused and incredibly excited she is – “Jump Into The Unknown” proves it indisputably. It’s one of THE greatest choruses I’ve heard in pop for its pure sweetness, her vocals are just spotlessly perfect here in a part that’s way up there in range.

The confidence radiates from these performances, and I suppose you can’t argue about whether she is or isn’t a confident person after hearing “I Wanna Get Naked.” I mean, not only does the subject matter itself suggest a sexy, confident woman – but let’s face it, if she WASN’T confident…well…well then you START your EP with a headlining grabbing title like “I Wanna Get Naked.” Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this entire EP is just how real it really IS and sounds…you can hear the power and emotion so clearly in Danielle’s voice that you know she’s right there, deep in these moments and truly feeling & believing the words she sings. Now…all that being said, she is of course a wonderful personality and beautiful lady…so writing a song like “I Wanna Get Naked” and performing it with such a powerful and convincing performance is going to have suitors lined up for freakin’ miles and miles.

The lyrics of “I Wanna Get Naked,” are some of the best on the album. Don’t get the torches out ready to lynch the old-guy with the beard just yet…listen first before you set me ablaze! All I’m trying to say, is that while a song like “All About That Bass” has found itself a hit and champion in Meghan Trainor with its purported empowering lyricism somehow transcending the obvious pandering to pop-music – Danielle Taylor has displayed time and again on this EP what real confidence is about and written it down in a lyrical blueprint of what the real is without being fake or worrying about how much damn bass there is or isn’t. Her words are truly meaningful in a song like “I Wanna Get Naked,” as odd as that might seem…but that’s the truth. She’s nailed a feeling & song here that a heck of a lot of people out there will identify with and peels away the layers of her own soul while she learns to acknowledge the beauty within each one.

Title-track “The Chase” is a great build & beat for an excellent overall vibe that comes through beaming sweetly. Alright…this will make NO SENSE to most people but I think I’ve put my finger on it finally…I think I’ve pinned down what her sound reminds me of…

…it’s like she took the upbeat hooks of Better Than Ezra and tone & passion of Chantal Kreviazuk and combined not only their talents but also their song-writing somehow…

However she’s come by her sound, she certainly owns it now. Danielle strikes me quite clearly as the kind of person that isn’t taking any of this stuff for granted – she’s loving every minute of this career she’s creating in music and completely determined, ready & pursuing the next minutes already.

What I will say about this title-track, is that “The Chase” also sees her vocals bend slightly more towards a near-country-pop vibe. And I am here to tell you country-music lovin people right now, straight-up…you all just back right off now ya hear? You can’t have her. Danielle Taylor was made for pop stardom…and she’ll get there by being the incredibly sincere person she is and letting her love for the craft continue to come shining through into her work.

As she closes out the new EP with “Date Night,” she switches and ranges through multiple modes and styles within this final journey. Great breakdowns, excellent rising comebacks, more perfect ideas executed brilliantly and this song goes a long way to prove the point I was just making about the love for music shining through. Danielle is having the most fun she’s had on the album here in the bright chorus and changes into melodic low-tones that really allow her to showcase her versatile and dynamic ideas in her pop songs and sound.

Sparkling effort here – there’s a ton of promise in Danielle Taylor, but even better than promise is delivery itself; and Danielle does just that – she delivers. Confidently, with range, tone and a ton of heart & emotion on display, this authentic pop-star is destined to be a household name one day.

Find out more about her directly from her pages below:

Official: http://www.danielletaylormusic.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DanielleTaylorMusic
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/DanielleTaylor_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/danielletaylormusic

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