Month: <span>October 2014</span>

Tome – Nemesis

Tome – Nemesis – EP Review Always interesting to me, is the synchronicity of music & life…how it all comes together so clearly at times… No sooner had I just put down the phone from having a conversation with Tyler Mayfield, lead singer for Vancouver band Lung Flower about their own heavy-rock sound, when I shortly […]Read More

Lost Gravity – Lost Gravity

Lost Gravity – Lost Gravity – Album Review This album hits hard & hits the spot for sure. As the opening track thundered into our studio speakers, my first impression was ‘Jesus – how many comparisons to Filter have these poor, poor gentlemen had to endure?’ Thankfully for them – that comparison is mostly valid only on […]Read More

Omar Bowing – 432 Hz

Omar Bowing – 432 Hz – Album Review I’ve got to hand it to progressive alt-metal artist Omar Bowing – he’s created an album here with 432 Hz that instantly got my attention; opening track “Virus” comes out swinging like a prison-yard champion. What I also noticed – was an instant comparison I could draw to […]Read More

Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World – Album Review Scratching my eyes here…is this correct? Lil’ ol SBS has the honor of doing the review on the gigantic-sounds of this massively popular Canadian duo, Death From Above 1979? I’ve mentioned I love it here right? This…is incredible; and though I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat late to […]Read More

SBS Live This Week – 013

All music episode! Aztec! Man Made Lake! Omar Bowing! Aeterna! Better Daze! Tim Korry! Charming Timur! Blackout Lights! Spotlights on the music of A New Way To Live Forever and Gentry Fox! Check it out music-fans!Read More

Wo Fat – The Conjuring

Wo Fat – The Conjuring – Album Review Just because it’s only five songs long doesn’t mean it’s not an album…trust me! These five tracks are just ridiculously meaty; heavy in all the right ways without a single ounce of overkill. All throughout this album, this psychedelic-rocking three-piece kept reminding me of what the perfect blend of […]Read More

Gentry Fox – Rare Demo Shit Volume One

Gentry Fox – Rare Demo Shit Volume One – Album Review When you come across an album name like this one from Gentry Fox, Rare Demo Shit Volume One, well – you never really know what you’re in store for as a reviewer. It could be a cold, hard stroll through the B-sides of a contractual […]Read More

Zane Brune – Dark Night Light Terror

Zane Brune – Dark Night Light Terror – Album Review I would be absolutely lying to you all, or at least wouldn’t be honest with you if I didn’t mention straight away that I literally live and breathe for albums this artistic, this pure, this daring. While I can always find an appreciation for SOMETHING in […]Read More

Lucid Dream – Lucid Dream Rocks Again

Lucid Dream – Lucid Dream Rocks Again – Album Review Now here’s something interesting to listen to! In many ways…I’m not quite sure just how to relay the experience of listening to Lucid Dream, which, for a guy that reviews music daily…it’s nearly an eerie feeling! What I can tell you, is that after listening to Lucid […]Read More

The Giggitys – Songs In The Key Of Awesome

There’s a large chance you might be able to listen to the entire new album, Songs In The Key Of Awesome in the same amount of time it will take you to read this review.  The Giggitys are packing a sonic punk-punch in their music and keeping it true to the authentic style that bore the breakthroughs […]Read More