Lost Gravity – Lost Gravity

 Lost Gravity – Lost Gravity

Lost Gravity – Lost Gravity – Album Review

This album hits hard & hits the spot for sure. As the opening track thundered into our studio speakers, my first impression was ‘Jesus – how many comparisons to Filter have these poor, poor gentlemen had to endure?’ Thankfully for them – that comparison is mostly valid only on this one track as they go on to clearly establish their musical identity in the tracks to follow. Even with that being said – “What Goes Around Comes Around” is still a killer track to start out the energy and volume at the max capacity.

“Changes” comes out with a vocal-shredding flow and the huge guitars we already know and love so quickly in. Excellent breakdown in this track as it heads towards the end. You can hear the ‘single’ sound on this track here – it’s a radio-ready track for sure with its anthem-style chorus and hook-laden intensity.

For my money though – make that ‘single’ be “Back Where You Belong;” I really dig the lo-fi mix on this particular track, huge fan of the filters on Breno Val’s vocals on this one too, they work perfectly in his favor here on this MEATY track; for real – this one gives your brain something to chew on! Excellent switch into a pop/rock chorus – they pull it off flawlessly. Val seems to have a completely confident grip on both the guitar and the microphone, notably picking up or slowing it down as needed like in the mellow-tempo of “Alone.”

“Anywhere But Home” is another clear winner here on this album. Musically – you’ve got Giuliano Kolling just pounding out the drums and Breno Val with an incredible bass line in one of the most incredibly well-written pop-rock tunes of my personal 2014. Really great freeing feeling in the music and another completely sing-able, completely hook-laden, golden chorus; Lost Gravity can certainly put a killer song together – there’s zero doubt about that! “Friendly Fire” will give you another dose of these guys as they rip through hook after hook on this song. This particular track reminds me much of fellow UK band Feeder – one of my own complete favorites in my catalog here; but with the pop/rock elements creeping in more and more as the album plays…to me it also sounds like this band hitting their stride at full speed.

They don’t let up. As the second half-continues, the darker “Selfish” is a completely strong tune, as are the tracks to follow in “All The Same,” and “Venom In A Vial;” though the latter two slightly make me feel that Filter comparison once again…I’m really thinking now that they’ve found that perfect middle ground between Feeder & Filter. There are so many melodic-hooks but also so many HUGE, diverse sounds in their songs that Lost Gravity could certainly find themselves becoming the perfect addition to virtually ANY concert line-up.

As they shred through one last energy-driven track in “Walk On,” you can’t help but feel the impact and impression this album makes on a listening ear. Lost Gravity has found themselves with one absolutely massive sound and they execute it flawlessly. If you look into their history – you’ll find out that this band has gone through a ton to get this album made. For all the setbacks & line-up changes they’ve been through….when you hear how this debut full-album came out; it sounds like any amount of trouble would have been worth slogging through in order to get these incredibly intense songs written, recorded and jammed right into your ears to stay.

Jer @ SBS

Find out more about Lost Gravity at their official page at: http://www.lostgravity.co.uk/

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