Month: <span>October 2014</span>

The Shivers – Charades

The Shivers – Charades – Album Review Sometimes when I find myself listening to a particularly innovative new band, I wonder about just how much untapped creativity is still out there, waiting for us all to discover. Musically, we ALL know someone in the ‘it’s all been done’ camp…those that believe nothing new or exciting […]Read More

Mudpusher – Sacrilege

Mudpusher – Sacrilege – EP Review You literally have no idea how happy and relieved I am right now. Seriously – I got out of bed this morning feeling like I was trapped under bags & bags of sand without any hope of ever finding myself awake until it would be time for bed. I clambered down […]Read More

Jour Majesty – Three Winks

I’ve had conversations with fellow friends and peers about similar music to what’s happening here on the Jour Majesty EP throughout the past of my experience.  It’s this kind of soft, well-played, melodic & acoustically driven music that I’ve maintained to all of these people from day one – you would have to be an […]Read More

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