The Giggitys – Songs In The Key Of Awesome

 The Giggitys – Songs In The Key Of Awesome

There’s a large chance you might be able to listen to the entire new album, Songs In The Key Of Awesome in the same amount of time it will take you to read this review.  The Giggitys are packing a sonic punk-punch in their music and keeping it true to the authentic style that bore the breakthroughs of countless legendary bands during the original punk movement.  With an energy and sound that contains the classic elements of punk similar to The Ramones and Fear – The Giggitys also make good use of a more modern-day pop-punk edge and sound like Green Day and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have made famous.  With their inspiration & influences drawing from all over the genre – there’s a sense of comfort within this punk music of The Giggitys…errr…well….you know, as comforting as punk can get….

As they rip through blazing openers “Not With You (Winter Moon)” and “Goodbye Cruel Girl” – you really get the sense that this band of five from Cleveland, Ohio have lived, ate, slept and breathed nothing but punk music their entire lives.  The blending of so many elements of true classic-punk are put together so effortlessly, they’re providing an entirely new blueprint for the next generation to adopt.  With treble-intensive, crunchy guitars provided by Ric Nimrod (Formerly of legendary punk band The Nimrods), Bernie Lyon and Joe Gill, a relentless pounding and driving beat from drummer Kevin Six and the bouncy, vibrant bass necessary for punk from Paul Ecoli, they storm through truly large-scale punk anthems like “15 Minutes Ago” and “Take Control” in an authentically lo-fi production-style.  Not only does the music match the classic sound & feel, but in the mix this album is also an extreme pleasure to listen to in how close it nailed the genuine punk vibe.

I’m a huge fan of the energy, melody and relentless nature of tracks like “Talk To The Hand,” and “She’s Gone.”  Like good punk should, these songs nearly incite a riot inside you.  No joke – one moment I was sitting here listening to The Giggitys and the next thing I knew I was standing in the middle of the studio breaking my office chair.  I’m still not clear on exactly how this all went down, but it sure was magical.

And then there’s the ultimate love song, provided in detail by The Giggitys courtesy of “Balls Deep In Love With You…”  Did they know I’m one of two members in Balls Deep In Your Stepmom?  Or is this just the beautiful, musical hand-of-fate stepping in to steer our destinies together?  I don’t know what it was, or is…but I know I love this tune.  Closer to the more modern twist on punk like “Talk To The Hand,” and “She’s Gone” – “Balls Deep In Love With You” is nearly reminiscent of The Offspring at their most playful.

No matter if they choose the modern path, or the classic roots like those displayed in “Total D,” this is winning punk done right and really written to be completely geared towards those that have a real appreciation for the entire history of this timeless genre.  The energy never quits; literally – if you leave the room to get yourself a cup of coffee, make sure to keep the volume up as you’d be bound to miss possibly 3-4 tracks as this blazing punk-rock rips by.

Led by the excellent musicianship that has made this entire album a modern-day punk masterpiece – “It’s Not Me, It’s You” finishes this album strongly in a true-anthem style.  A track like this comes along with the visual of a mosh-pit just going-off insanely with bodies being tossed through the air like human rag-dolls.  This is music with energy that leaves a lasting, memorable impression through some very authentic style & songwriting.  If you claim to love everything about punk music – put your money where your ears are and prove it – go get Songs In The Key Of Awesome by The Giggitys.

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