TWOFEW – “GONE” – Single Review

Hey there!  Did you watch the latest episode of SBS Live This Week?  If you’re here reading about TWOFEW, chances are that means you’re either a fan already, or you’re about to be – so if you haven’t checked out our newest show, make sure that you do – you’ll get to know the entire band & get lots of info & insight into who they are and how they go about doin’ their thang.  Heck – we even talk about this very song in review here today, and laid out a quick preview of “GONE” for ya right there within the episode!  The savviest among you already have a good idea of what the song sounds like from checking out the show…still plenty of time for you to catch up – it’s posted permanently, no panic – but don’t go gettin’ left behind either – make sure to watch TWOFEW on SBS Live This Week by clicking this link here.

One of the main themes that keeps on coming back when I write about TWOFEW or interact with this band, is the progression they’ve been making at such a rapid pace.  It’s only been a short couple of years, and they’ve already put out a whole treasure trove of single-worthy material, they’ve expanded their band to give them the opportunity to do more with their music, and they’ve enlisted rad dudes like Chris Lawrie to put the professional gloss on their Pop/Rock sound through the production as well.  To say things have been looking up for TWOFEW would be a serious understatement – they’ve been cruising ahead at a perfect speed, one that they dictate themselves, and allows for real quality to come through within the writing & results you hear by the time a new song comes out, every time.  Doesn’t mean that I’m gonna love EVERYTHING they’ll go on to do…like every band or artist out there, there are going to be ups & downs along the way I’m sure, that’s only natural – but you gotta admit, with the way this crew tends to crack the bat & how consistent they’ve been, it does kinda make you wonder when or if they’re ever really gonna sound sub-par.  I hate to break it to ya folks, but it’s not gonna be today either – I’d reckon with this slow-burning single they’ve got here, TWOFEW is gonna continue their hot streak – in fact, I think I’d go as far as to say they’ve found their most memorable hooks to-date so far.

“GONE” delivers big-time.  From the instantly appealing & endearing sound of the music creating the vibe, to Michael’s vocals finding a really clever hook to guide the verses along, and the way they raise the stakes so significantly as they surge into the chorus…”GONE” keeps on getting better & finding more strength inside its length as it plays on.  Michael’s no stranger to HUGE moments…and I suspect he’s not shying away from writing them – he’s clearly got no problem at all rising to the occasion when he’s called upon…the “somebody save me now” lines are MASSIVE, and get some really extraordinary highlights outta the man on the mic that pack in an emotional wallop.  Dealing with personal turmoil and a rocky relationship to say the least, “GONE” is a tough tune with teeth at the end of the day, unafraid to dig into the hard stuff like self-doubt, regrets, and impossible choices that need to be made.  Sometimes love ain’t enough…sometimes we walk away when we shouldn’t…sometimes we stay when we should have booked it long ago…and perhaps it’s only hindsight that ever allows us to even know which was which in the aftermath & looking back on it all…songs like “GONE” capture that as well within the implied aspects of its lyricism.  As with all-things-TWOFEW, the quality is exceptional from their performance to the production – I LOVE the fact that the latest episode of SBS Live This Week showed us so much about how this band works together and further clarified the roles these fantastic players play – no joke, it’s so much easier to visualize how a song like “GONE” gets created now.  You can hear Mike, David, Danielle, and John all in-sync with Michael and playing like a completely unified five-piece, 100%.  They’re confident in what they do…you can hear the steady & reliable way that TWOFEW approaches a song like “GONE” and the professionalism that comes with it.  You might find them in the independent scene…for now at least…but make no mistake y’all – they write BIG moments that are destined to get noticed, and the mellower-side of their melodies might even make a more resounding impact when all is said & done.  So it’s like they kinda hit ya straight in the chest with both barrels, you feel me?  The massive vocal highlights are always going to be recognized and noticed…it’d be impossible to miss them on “GONE” and how brilliant they come out – but what I’m saying is, listen to the moments right AFTER those giant highlights occur, and you’ll hear the real magic of their gift for melody come out even more.  You’ll hear it from the microphone, you’ll hear it from the music…and it’s all due to their understanding of what makes the dynamics of a song come alive and connect with us as we listen…they ride through the intensity as stoically and solidly as they do the more low-key moments, revealing an impressive balance that never relents.  At their most powerful, they can’t help but make an impact on ya – but it’s the fact that they can make as much of a resounding impression on ya in their mellowest moments as well that seems to show us just how professional & passionate TWOFEW can be at all times.  You know what I mean?  There’s a ton of bands & artists that will switch their energy in a song, of course – but quite often it comes with a trade of some sorts, where one half of that equation outshines the other; in the case of TWOFEW, it’s as even as even can be across the board when it comes to their combined talents, their songwriting strengths, and the way they shift through the dynamics of a song like “GONE.”

I think the chorus of this cut is straight-up immaculate, and perhaps the most memorable singular moment that I’ve heard from TWOFEW on any of their tunes so far…and considering how much I was already digging the verses, that should tell ya something.  “GONE” pretty much has it all…the instrumentation of the band really shows just how tight of a unit they’ve become in their short time-frame, and that special bond between them all is just gonna get stronger & stronger as they continue on.  All this band needs to do is simply stay the course – the ideas have always been there, every bit as much as their inherent gift for making music with real heart at the core of their melodies – “GONE” is full confirmation & proof that everything they’re doing is taking them in the right direction, and I’m willing to bet that I won’t be alone in thinking this single deserves a permanent home on our playlists this year.

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