SBS Live This Week 161

 SBS Live This Week 161

Our first interview of 2022 – we’ve got TWOFEW on this episode of SBS Live This Week and a whole lotta fun in-store for ya.  An entire band full of fantastic people and talented musicians, we talk with Michael, Danielle, David, Mike, and John throughout the show, check out where the magic happens right there in their studio, and even chat with their producer Chris along the way as well.  Music?  Of course we’ve got music!  We’ve got incredible tunes & videos from TWOFEW in the mix, we’ve got all kinds of information for ya that’ll help you get to know’em like they’re you’re extended family, and an entire series of questions that’ll take you through their history, their journey to be where they are today, their recording trip to Nashville, Michael’s resistance to T-shirts and more!  Tune in for the latest episode of SBS Live This Week and see what TWOFEW has to say to ya all!

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