TWOFEW – “On The Run”

 TWOFEW – “On The Run”

TWOFEW – “On The Run” – Single Review

I am…highly interested…

When it comes to making music, creating art & such…there are no definitive rules written down anywhere on some sacred parchment that say you’ve just gotta do everything the same as everyone that’s come before ya.  In the world I’m livin’ in, we celebrate it when a band or artist wants to take things in a different direction than what’s so typically often found throughout the scene or on the Top-40 stations.  Bands like TWOFEW offer ya that something different with their debut single, and I dig that.

In fact, I’d probably even give’em bonus points for the sheer fact that this IS their first recorded cut.  If you do a lil’ research, you’ll learn that all four players from TWOFEW bring their own individual strengths & verifiable experience gained throughout the years to the band – but as a unit, they’re still quite new.  It’s in that respect that hearing the way this band has already gelled together so exceptionally well within what’s quite the ambitious single & sound…well…I’ll just tell ya like it really is – it’s impressive.

What I’m hearing in “On The Run” puts this debut a clear country mile ahead of so many others when it comes to the impact of a first experience…and yep, you can count a whole bunch of the mainstreamers in that assessment as well.  It’s not an overtly complex song when it comes right down to it – and that’s actually an asset here; like a painter paints with the boldest untainted colors, or a chef cooks with the simplest ingredients for the best flavor profile – each aspect of “On The Run” comes with its own power.  Whether you examine the guitar, piano, vocals, bass…it really won’t matter – you’ll find that each and every part of what creates the DNA in the genetic makeup of this musical marvel is 100% rock-solid and executed to complete perfection.  Essentially, what we end up talking about here when it comes to the music of TWOFEW is bulletproof songwriting, highly competent & confident musicianship, & the artistic integrity & uniqueness that’ll set them apart from the rest.  Because I’ll tell ya this much – what they’ve created for the verses of “On The Run” certainly hits the mark & will completely satisfy ya – but what they’ve discovered in the chorus of this song is the very kind of true melodic innovation entire careers become built upon.  To me, I hear a part like that and the stunning execution of their performance in that moment and practically breathe a freakin’ sigh of relief…like it gives me an instant reaction that confirms this band is gonna be A-OK out there in the big wide world of the music industry if this is the quality they intend on bringing to the scene, you feel me?  That kinda stuff helps me sleep at night – I don’t need to worry about a band like TWOFEW, because if they’re gonna put this much tangible heart & soul into their material, believe me when I say their music will find its audience & they’ll be just fine.

You’ll also find good intentions run deep with “On The Run” – the band has dedicated its release to the memory of their dear friend Kendra, who sadly passed away from Lupus earlier this year, which is an autoimmune disease that also happens to afflict the lead-singer of TWOFEW as well.  As tempting as that is to any writer to make that the story – it’s really the music of TWOFEW that speaks strongest.  Diving into an emotional tapestry of sound that puts sincerity & passion through your speakers through a brilliant vocal performance and really clever choices made along the way, like how the guitar solo is set in the distance of the mix around the 1:45 mark, giving it a dreamy afterthought-like vibe to it.  The whole single in general has an outstanding mix of haunting melody and professionally controlled passion…you can hear from the vocals and the emphasis in the way the piano is played that TWOFEW is locked right into this moment and feelin’ it – and as a result, so are we as listeners.  They give a performance that is spot-on & superbly engaged in the present at all times; TWOFEW makes the most out of this idea and its potential without question.  When you hit the payload of the jaw-dropping melody they create in the vocal-hook of the chorus, you literally can’t help but recognize your ears have stumbled upon the kind of uniqueness that makes the difference – that moment right there is the very definition of what ‘memorable’ really is.

On the merits of that alone, I would have been more than happy to support TWOFEW and this new single “On The Run,” but the facts are that they’ve left me with nothing to complain about when it comes to any aspect of this cut…and I ain’t about to invent one outta thin air for ya.  They’ve got this song nailed down tight from start to finish, they give it the right aura & atmosphere from the way they choose to play it with such a mesmerizing & enchanting pace & sound to it all, and you can genuinely hear that making music matters to this band.  For a debut cut, TWOFEW already seems to have been able to round out all the sharp corners and refine their sound to where you’d have to imagine is exactly where they want it to be with “On The Run.”   It comes out real smooth through your speakers, and chances are, it’ll give ya that spine-tingling feeling you get when you know you’re hearing something special in the process…if you ask me, TWOFEW sounds great already, and their potential, even greater.

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