TWOFEW – “Dreamin’”

 TWOFEW – “Dreamin’”

If you were here at these ol’ pages of ours for a visit yesterday, chances are ya poked open an article that reviewed the latest TWOFEW single called “Dreamin,’” and in reading that, found out we’d be posting up the video today to keep the celebration surrounding their latest tune going long & strong throughout the weekend.  You wanted to see it, of course, and here you are, you wonderful musically-savvy people you – cheers & welcome!  As for the rest of ya that are checking out this article first before the other – we’re just as stoked to have you with us obviously; now go do the right thing and catch up to the rest of us by reading what we had to say about the new TWOFEW single by clicking this here link.

I’ll try not to just repeat my praise for this band & their latest cut from yesterday, though I could!  With this being their second single released in 2020 and the band’s overall catalog, we’re right up to-date and been riding the crest of the wave along with TWOFEW in their breakout year.  We introduced ya to the full cast of characters in the review for “Dreamin’” and you’ve had a chance to learn about the intense bond shared between these players.   There’s the husband/wife team of Michael & Danielle Lazar, their brother David Lazar, good ol’ Erik Fernandez, and on this particular track, you’ve got Chris Lawrie on percussion as well as handling just about everything else from the mixing to the mastering on the other side of the studio boards.  Suffice it to say, there’s a ton of talent in the room when TWOFEW and those supporting them all get together – and if ya didn’t read it here in print, you’d still know it from hearing the sparkling results in their music.  They mightily impressed us with their debut cut “On The Run” this past November, then pumped out another solid single into the world this December with “Dreamin’” and full video support to go along with both of’em – it’s clear that TWOFEW is putting thought into the moves they’re making, continually ensuring what they put out there is the best they can bring to the audio & visuals with all the tools & talents they have at their disposal, and that this all MATTERS to them.  Perhaps above all things, as much as I’ve enjoyed what they’ve released so far – the songwriting has been superb, but it’s genuinely the passion that exists behind the scenes that makes the music we get to hear so remarkably well structured, assembled, performed, and produced.  More or less, you just couldn’t get to a place of such high quality like TWOFEW are at this early on into their career without authentically caring about this whole music-thang and dedicating yourself to the art/craft 24/7 around the clock, genuinely LOVING the time spent…this crew sincerely WANTS to entertain ya – so give’em a shot at doing it!  When you’re this personally invested in the material you create, we can hear it 100%.

Life, love, and the relationships we venture into can take us anywhere.  Sometimes of course, that can be a great thing – it can turn what you’ve been “Dreamin’” about for years into your daily reality.  At others, it’s all as unpredictable as the human heart, and just as easily leads us astray from where we hope those dreams will take us…and I suppose ultimately, it’s up to all of us individually to recognize the situation we’re in, which ain’t always easy.  New beginnings, starting over…as I mentioned in the review from yesterday…the allure, want, and desire for that change can be one of the most powerful & straight-up overwhelming experiences you’ll ever feel in this lifetime, making it also one of the toughest to resist.  One of the many things I love about this song by TWOFEW is that it really makes you consider all this from your own perspective while you’re listening to the details & imagery in the storyline of “Dreamin’” – it makes you wonder about all the points in your own life where you’ve made similar decisions, feel what Michael is singing about, and remember how the pursuit of love has played a role in shaping the person you’ve become today.  “Dreamin’” comes at this subject from the small-town girl with big-city aspirations perspective, which fuels the heartbeat of a solid narrative that flows throughout this single in a highly relatable way, no matter who ya are.  We’ve all had dreams & hopes for ourselves at some point in time – hopefully you STILL do…think of those moments, turn this song up, and enjoy the ride through nostalgia & memory as you connect the feeling of starting over & the vast potential of the wide-open road in front of you as you leave the past behind in your rearview on your way to something new.

I dig the video they’ve got supporting “Dreamin’” and think it’s definitely a solid fit for sure.  They make great use of a lot of clear imagery in the scenes onscreen that reflects the sentiment & story in the lyrics, and of course, people tend to like that when it comes to the whole music/video combo thang.  I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a tripped-out visuals kinda guy myself, so they pretty much had me at hello with the burst of atmospheric vibes & color onscreen just introducing the song & band in the intro before the video’s actually even started yet…not sure if that tells you more about the work they’ve put into that being awesome or if that says more about shiny colors attract my attention like a cat to catnip.  Either way – it might seem like a minor observation in relation to the entire video & scope of the storyline that’s echoed between the song & the visuals when all is said & done…but again, note the professional & forward thinking in the approach…it’s far more than just a title of an intro – it stands out vibrantly and provides further proof that TWOFEW is considering how to grow their career properly from every angle.  Everything to follow flows onscreen at a great pace & becomes a quick & great pairing with the vibes of the song itself…I neither see nor hear any reasons to not be extremely happy with the results they’ve got here on “Dreamin.’”  The instrumentation in the band is impeccable on this single, subtle but lively stuff…the melody is superbly designed, and Michael gets the most out of his vocals without question as he sings this song.  It’s one of those tunes where you’ll likely find you’re equally hooked in by the moments he’s singing avant-garde without actual words…and personally, I always felt like those spots really let Michael shine with sparkling charisma, personality, and melodic tone that truly excites the ears in tandem with the design of the hooks they’re gently & professionally rockin’ with.  It all stacks up and is definitely further confirmation that TWOFEW is on the right path…one that suits their strengths, one that is guaranteed to entice a large audience in to listen, and one that points towards true longevity in a career stocked full of great tunes, moving material, and music destined to be heard across the globe on playlists far & wide throughout the future to come.  TWOFEW is doin’ this music thang the right way.

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