TWOFEW – “Lips Blue”

 TWOFEW – “Lips Blue”

TWOFEW – “Lips Blue” – Music Video Post

I cannot even begin to describe just how awesome it is to be able to spend a significant time with some music as opposed to the quick one-and-done that running a site like ours can so often feel like.  I mean, don’t get me wrong…most of ya find your way back to us eventually & all…I’m referring more to the pace of things and how I never really get to listen for too long before I’m right onto the next whatever it may be that comes my way.  I’ll put it to you this way…our incredible independent music scene keeps me so heckin’ busy, that I am about a decade behind what’s happening in the mainstream at this point – I catch my pieces here & there online, but I don’t even get a moment to listen to those records anymore.  Were it not for the quality and consistency of bands like TWOFEW out there, I’d imagine I might regret all that a little more than I seem to…I’m actually quite okay with being locked right into the independent scene without distraction – I know I’m biased & all, but this is where the excitement in music REALLY is.

It’s bands just like TWOFEW that you can tell are at that point…where push has come to shove…where that line in the sand has been drawn, and they’re pursuing their dreams at full-force, breakout or bust.  In my opinion, that’s been a major part of the TWOFEW magic all along throughout the course of this past year-plus I’ve been listening…you can genuinely HEAR the desire this band has to do what they do.  You can call me crazy if ya like…but I’d wager a guess many of you out there are hearing exactly what I’m hearing in this band, given the phenomenal numbers of hits & views & listens they rack up out there in the online realm…to me, the sound of authentic passion for the art of making music is unmistakable.  TWOFEW puts their heart and soul into ALL that they do – so hells YES, you better believe that gets me amped-up and excited too – how could it not?  It’s like I’ve been lucky enough to be right in the front row watching & listening to their career develop, it’s impossible not to notice just how focused & ready they are for the spotlight, and they continually create great tunes – “Lips Blue” certainly included – I’d be nuts not to love the fact that I’ve been ridin’ on the TWOFEW bandwagon for as long as I have been.  I get to think of some of these reviews & posts like others think of rookie cards…or whatever an NFT is; these are all unique experiences, all beyond duplication…moments that I’ll never forget and music that becomes a part of the soundtrack of our lives; over time it all adds into a bigger story overall…a legacy.

Each time we interact with’em, we get to know TWOFEW a lil’ bit more – and the video they’ve got supporting their new single “Lips Blue” goes a long, long way in that department.  You get the cinematic quality that TWOFEW’s been putting into their videos, like they did with “Fightin’ For” not too long ago, but you also get a much better look at the five-pieces of the full lineup of TWOFEW in action when it comes to their latest single.  Taking you for a trip right into the heart of the studio…which…if I’m reading these details correctly, is shot on location at Drive By Studios in Franklin, Tennessee – “Lips Blue” shows you their determination, dedication, and desire to make music right there onscreen in front of ya.  Like I’ve been tellin’ ya – you can HEAR it in this band – but if ya needed ocular confirmation, congratulations to the last of you holdouts – you’ve got that comin’ to ya in this video…you can see their serious, sincere, and passionate about what they do…and clearly, they’re not averse to havin’ a little fun on the side as well when the red light of the studio ain’t on.  You’ll see some behind the scenes footage along the way, starting with a couple members from the band “leaving on a jet plane” in a purposely awkward & endearing moment before the song begins…and once it’s all wrapped up by the end, they’ll take ya right out into the city streets for some good ol’ fashioned drunkin’ buskin’ through authentic fan footage courtesy of Douglas Holzman for ya as well.  In between it all, you get to see the way “Lips Blue” comes together…the way a song like this gets made, and how each member plays a role in the stellar balance of strengths you’ll find within the music of TWOFEW.  From highlight guitar solos, to drinks being tipped back in the studio, to the band right at home in the thick of it all doing what they clearly love doing and giving it everything they’ve got – when you see a song like “Lips Blue” happening right in front of you like it unfolds onscreen throughout the video, you understand why it comes along with the power it has when you hear it.  They’re committed…locked in…and set to surge into their best years ahead without a doubt if they keep on the path they’re on…TWOFEW’s honestly been great from the get-go, but the way their sound has been refining itself over this past year and evolving, completely proves that they’re taking it to the next-level, push, pull, or drag if they gotta…and lucky for them, it sure seems like it’s something they don’t have to force at all.  When you’re really in the zone, inspiration seems to be found everywhere, and comes naturally to ya from every possible angle you can think of…it’s bloody euphoric; and I’d wager a guess that’s a lot of what it’s like to feel like being a part of TWOFEW right now.  Proudly presented by Let’s Rock Out Records, “Lips Blue” is out there & available in every way you can conceive of from sight to sound – heck, you can find the majority of what TWOFEW has put out there online right here on these very pages of ours by clicking the links throughout this very posting – so do that too!  You really can’t lose with what this crew is coming up with right now…and I genuinely believe we’re still just scratching the surface of where they’re gonna end up – TWOFEW is destined for big things, they’ve got the determination, spirit, talent, and heart it takes to get themselves to whatever goals they have, and in the process, we get a whole selection of stellar songs & highly memorable moments along the way.

Speaking of!  As you might have learned on the last episode of the SBS Podcast where we played “Lips Blue” by TWOFEW and ranted a whole bunch about’em on the show…we’ve got big plans in-store for another memorable moment of our own design…we’re putting a video-interview together with’em in behind the scenes and currently getting the filming of the questions from our side of the screen goin’ on.  Anyone that knows anything about what I do here at sleepingbagstudios knows full well that these are by far my favorite projects…and the best ones I’ve been involved in, are with bands just like this one here that get right into what they do, flex that creativity they have, and know how to have some serious fun in the process of gettin’ some of that information & music out to ya…to say I’m looking forward to what we’ve got cookin’ up with TWOFEW would be an enormous understatement – I am STOKED!  We’ll keep ya posted on that…these things take time.  Until then, make sure to give their new video a click for yourself, and find out more about the band by checking out the official pages of TWOFEW online below.






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