KILLCAM – Muted – Album Review KILLCAM…a new project brought to you by an artist we’ve had in review in the past, known as the infamous Quiet Leader.  Now rebranded and ready to rip the mic with all-new rhymes and direction, KILLCAM has released the album Muted; last time around we found the emcee finding […]Read More

Decide – Struggle Inside

Decide – Struggle Inside – EP Review The skill-level is completely professional and the production & writing of Struggle Inside deserves a lot of credit for being as tight as it is.  It’s been a thoroughly great year for independent hip-hop/rap-music – and you can consider Decide to definitely be a solid-contributor to the reasons […]Read More

Jake Dexter – Soundcloud Singles

Jake Dexter – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review So…yeah…apparently, Mr. Jake Dexter is a man of a great-many talents… At least, that’s the conclusion I drew to over the course of listening to the stunning three new singles I’ve gotten ahold of.  No joke – these three songs shine like diamonds in the rough of […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Little Johnny”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Little Johnny” – Single Review As I’ve mentioned many times throughout our pages in various reviews that feature artists and bands we’ve had the chance to listen to several times over the course of their careers, it can be a real pleasure to have that opportunity to sit […]Read More

Iaki Vallejo – Soundcloud Singles

Iaki Vallejo – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review There is a pretty inspiring story that accompanies the uplifting world-music rhythms of Iaki Vallejo.  When you read about her at her homepage and social-media, you really get the sense that this fine woman has truly followed her dreams with all the passion and heart it takes […]Read More

Norine Braun – Gone To The Spirits

Norine Braun – Gone To The Spirits – Singles Review Norine Braun…based out of my own hometown, back in good ol’ Vancouver, British Columbia…I wonder if that’s why I feel like I recognize this name somehow.  For the record, I haven’t had the privilege of meeting this spirited artist…but I feel like her sound/style of […]Read More

Lost Cosmonauts – Lost Cosmonauts

Lost Cosmonauts – Lost Cosmonauts – EP Review This one time, at Ladies Rock Camp… Gotta admit…it’s a short write-up on the social-media boards of the Lost Cosmonauts, but apparently that’s where it all started, right there at Ladies Rock Camp.  Okay…this is a pinch-me moment – that’s a thing?  I didn’t know that such […]Read More

Yooda – Hiroshima

Yooda – Hiroshima – Album Review With explosive, in-your-face rhymes and gigantic beats, our homie Yooda is about to drop the bomb – welcome to Hiroshima.  The beginning of this record says it all, “Enola Gay” references the first plane to ever drop the atomic-bomb…so if that tells you anything about the ambitions of this […]Read More

Morgan Wilson – “Fine”

Morgan Wilson – “Fine” – Single Review I think our new lady-friend Morgan Wilson is on to something potentially really special here.  I really dig the amount of pure-emotion she puts into the fragile & angelic qualities of her tone & sound throughout this single “Fine.”  Something about the real sincerity of her approach and […]Read More

Nick Tan – New Normal

Nick Tan – New Normal – EP Review We’re in what you might call the aftermath period for Nick Tan’s New Normal EP.  The regulars out there that haunt the pages of what we cover here at sleepingbagstudios already know I tend to do a lot of reading while I’m listening to the music…checking out […]Read More

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