MCCM – “Beginn Der Therapie”

 MCCM – “Beginn Der Therapie”

MCCM – “Beginn Der Therapie” – Audio Post/Review

Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap!  German Rap?  Sign me up yo!

While I’ll admit my experience with German music in any genre is fairly limited, you know I can still always hear the passion, effort, and skill in any project, artist, or band that comes our way.  No exception to the rule, I’ve got MCCM in the mix this morning and I’m loving what I hear in the energy of this latest cut, called “Beginn Der Therapie.”  If this is what’s happening over there on the other side of the map in Germany at the clubs right now…I might just have to take myself a trip over there one day.

LOTS going right here on “Beginn Der Therapie” from the music to the microphone.  We’re talking solid Hip-Hop vibes going on…super crisp snap of the snare beat, and each element of the music added alongside it has a fantastic amount of personality, drama, and genuine spark that’ll get ya movin.’  I’ve got myself a rough translation of the lyrics for “Beginn Der Therapie,” and from what I can gather, this cut is really all about getting out there and making the most of life – with music as the main motivator.  C’mon now people – you KNOW we’ve got love for concepts like this over here at sleepingbagstudios – that’s a sentiment & vibe that translates perfectly to these Canadian-based pages of ours.

Bottom line is, what MCCM has created here, works brilliantly.  Whether you speak German yourself or not – there’s no doubt that you’ll feel the energy & enthusiasm you’ll find on “Beginn Der Therapie.”  It’s positively charged in the lyricism, and certainly in the performance you’ll hear on this single as well.  Mariano Mecke is the main man on the m-i-c flexin’ the verbal skills at ya on “Beginn Der Therapie,” and there’s no question that he’s got MCCM’s latest jam loaded-up with dynamic & ear-catching sound bouncing from the lefts to the rights.  Solid shift from the lighthearted vibes that start the track into the extra intensity you’ll find in the chorus when it comes to the music, and MCCM’s emcee keeps his own energy, attitude, swagger, and style a perfect match for the sounds surrounding him.  “Feel the flow, feel the melody, hear the groove” – that’s part of the main hook you’ll hear in the chorus, albeit you’ll hear that happen in German; but if that’s the mission MCCM is on in making “Beginn Der Therapie,” then that’s a mission you can consider fully accomplished.  I can feel it, I can hear it, I can dig it – and I’d imagine a ton of you out there will feel the same!  Have a listen and check it out for yourself – MCCM’s makin’ the most of this moment – get yourself a sample of cross-culture Hip-Hop in full-effect & “Beginn Der Therapie” below!

The new single “Beginn Der Therapie” comes from the new 2019 record of the same name – make sure to find out more about MCCM from the official pages below!

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