Desert Rain Project – “Free”

 Desert Rain Project – “Free”

The resurrection is here!

They say music is all about timing.  If that’s truly the case, you can’t really ever get upset or be discouraged if that first go-around doesn’t quite work out the way you hope it would, which was once the case for Desert Rain Project.  Years ago, they were rockin’ strong – they even released an album on cassette back in the day before they disbanded…and now, there’s more to their story after all.  Coming back to the scene after their unintended absence, two of the original members reconnected to complete their unfinished business and add new chapters to their tale at long last.  With the release of their brand-new single “Free” and a full band in their lineup, Desert Rain Project is back on the scene and sound like they haven’t lost a single beat in the process – they’ve got a gripping tune here!  Somewhere in the neighborhood of a cross between bands like R.E.M. and Vertical Horizon, Desert Rain Project pumps out a high energy dose of Alt-Rock driven by faith and undeniable skills.  Loving the vocals & music at the heart of “Free” – there’s an incredible amount of sonic appeal in this single – and the passion they so clearly play this song with is all the proof you need to know they’re stoked to be back making music where they truly belong.  Have a listen & check out the lyric-video they’ve got supporting their comeback track – “Free” is a fully single-worthy tune that flashes vibrant musicianship & insightful messages as one.  Tons of audible appeal here – enjoy!

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