Dawn Duchess – “Everyday” Featuring Charles Massey

 Dawn Duchess – “Everyday” Featuring Charles Massey

If you’ve been following along with our pages over the years, Dawn Duchess is a name you know well by now.

And why is that exactly you ask?

Because she’s doin’ this music thang “EVERYDAY” yo!  She don’t let up, she don’t stop, she don’t quit – she’s IN this 24/7 and The Duchess is focused on her grind on the daily y’all – she’s up on our pages all the time because she’s puttin’ in work that would put most other emcees out there in the game to shame.  Her sound continues to evolve each time we hear from her, and she proves that standard to be true once again with her new single “Everyday.”  Taking her catchy verbal hooks for a strut & a stroll through her latest joint, Dawn Duchess brings genuine swagger & melody into her flow, and gets a solid assist on the heated bars from Charles Massey & production by Juan Instrumentals.  Make this YOUR anthem for your own personal motivation – apply Dawn‘s words to your own work-ethic and go make that music & magic happen homies!  The Duchess sounds fully inspired on “Everyday” – leaving you with no doubt that she’s doin’ what she does because she loves what she’s doin’ – she ain’t about to slow down any time soon…and nor would we ever want her to.  Have a listen to the latest by Dawn Duchess and click on the ol’ audio-post from YouTube for her new single “Everyday” featuring Charles Massey below!

Make sure to find out more about Dawn Duchess at Twitter here:  https://twitter.com/DuchessNation

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