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 You’re Safe

You’re Safe – Channel Announcement

Word on the street is that “there’s going to be a string of releases on the channel, and then streaming releases, so if (you) like it, more is to come.”  Sounds like good news for you music fans out there.  All I can ever tell ya about is what’s sent my way…and I am definitely one of those people that’ll be looking forward to more to come from the You’re Safe channel on YouTube if it sounds anything like this does:

That’s one heckin’ solid first impression there is what that is.  Great sound to this cut…full or warmth, full of texture, stellar vibes all-around.  Some folks out there have a real knack when it comes to the art of sound selection, and from what we can hear in this track from the You’re Safe channel confirms there’s someone with a real gift in that department.  It’s highly relevant for what’s out there right now in the Chillwave section of the internet…you might be able to just as easily get away with genres like Ambient or Electro as well for a wider umbrella if categorization is your thing.  Sounds good to me though – and there’s already a couple more tracks posted up on the channel that are equally rad to listen to as well…seems like You’re Safe is well on its way to becoming another corner of YouTube that you’ll wanna check in on regularly if this is what we can expect!  Always great to find another reliable resource for uniqueness out there on the internet, and the You’re Safe channel seems ready to supply.  Hit’em up, see what they’ve got in-store for ya & do the whole like & subscribe dealio if that’s your jam.

Find the You’re Safe channel at YouTube by clicking this link right here:

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