Gitahi Victor – Diamond On The Gold Album Preview

 Gitahi Victor – Diamond On The Gold Album Preview

Gitahi Victor – Diamond On The Gold Album Preview – Audio Post

It’s always a pleasure to feature music on our Canadian-based pages that comes from so far away, and today we’ve got a sample of what’s being created in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, through the music being made by artist Gitahi Victor.  From what we’ve read about him on the internet, he’s a composer, dancer, and musical multi-talent in a variety of ways, and from what you’ll hear in this glimpse of his upcoming album Diamond On The Gold, it’s clear that he’s got a diverse sound that contains a wild dose of energy and culture combined.  Having a hybrid style & sound can carry you a long way in the modern day era, and an artist like Gitahi is proof that the widespread appeal of a multi-dimensional vibe can take your music right around the globe.  You’ll find Pop, Dance, R&B, Afrobeat/Hip-Hop combinations at work throughout the songs that Victor is creating, and when combined with the insatiable passion he has for entertaining YOU, Gitahi has put himself in the right position to establish his place in music permanently.  With singles like “Kimbelembele,” “Cheki,” “Nitashinda” and “Diamond On The Gold” already circulating throughout the internet in advance of his Diamond On The Gold record coming out soon, Gitahi Victor is here to show you how the beat goes down, and get your body movin’ to a whole new rhythm & groove.

Find out more about Gitahi Victor by visiting his official TikTok channel at:

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