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Join Happy Curmudgeons For The Release Of “All On You,” From Their Upcoming Album 2nd Chances!

Following hot on the success of their sensational single “Rustic Glory” from earlier in 2022, the artistic & skilled collective full of studio aces known as Happy Curmudgeons return this fall with another soulfully spirited song designed for everyone to enjoy – “All On You” is officially being released this October 16th!

With their naturally inviting sound, welcoming aura, and authentically endearing vibes, “All On You” will no doubt be regarded as one of the band’s very best songs for years to come.  Immaculately complete in every conceivable way, the visionary songwriting of Jeff Warner (Lead Vocals/Guitar), and Dave Hamilton (Guitars) has exceeded all possible expectations with this remarkable array of dreamy sounds & down to earth wisdom in their words combined.  Fueled by their signature spiritual vibes and stellar musicianship – “All On You” is an instant classic in their catalog, and an undeniably timeless tune.

Joined in harmony by an outright amazing complement of instrumentation provided by the talents of Takashi Iio (Bass), Mark Byerly (Shaker/Percussion/Production), Pepe’ Espinosa (Bongos/Cajon), and the fantastically sweet melody on the microphone from Amy Dixon-Lavery (Backing Vocals) – Happy Curmudgeons have created an irresistible single in “All On You” that is sure to move hearts and minds.  Recorded at Longview Sound Studio, Sound Shop by Josh Ford, and Pepe’ Espinosa Studio, with additional mastering from the legendary expertise of Bill Skibbe of Third Man Records in Detroit – every hand involved in the making of “All On You” brought their very best, resulting in a single that sounds like it was created by a professional family of friends.  From the crystal clarity of their musicianship, to the radiantly vibrant vocals Dave sings with in the lead & the angelic grace that Amy provides in her backing vocals – Happy Curmudgeons are stunningly unified from start to finish on their new song, “All On You.”

Another cut released in advance of their upcoming record, 2nd Chances – “All On You” speaks volumes on behalf of the magic listeners can expect to find from one of the music-scene’s most reliable sources of melodic & spiritual entertainment.  As enlightening as it is enchanting & entirely charming – “All On You” is further confirmation of the Happy Curmudgeons ability to create music that transcends a mere listening experience, and how their songs become sound you can feel flow through your body and soul.  From the meaningful messages in their humble lyricism, to the way their music will massage your mind, Happy Curmudgeons create powerfully moving melodies and comforting sound that is second to none.

Released across all major music platforms online this October 16th, 2022 – join the Happy Curmudgeons as they share one of their most captivating songs & uniquely inspired performances to-date, worldwide.  A revelatory moment in music such as this could only be as special as it is with the audience it was truly intended for – and they can’t wait for you to have a listen!  “All On You” is the pure sound of the beauty of music in full bloom; it’s thought-provoking, evocative, and vivid in its detail from the instrumentation to the vocals – and it’s guaranteed to be the song your playlists wouldn’t be complete without this year.

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