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 Bella Delle

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Bella Delle Is Destined To Break The Internet With Her Brand-New Single – “My Love” Arrives 06/30!

It’s absolutely rare, but some artists were genuinely born to change the game, and it’s a special magic that the world can see from day one.  Young Pop sensation Bella Delle fits the quintessential definition of what a generational talent truly is, and from the very first moments that she officially stepped into the spotlight, she’s proven that she’s the kind of entertainer that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Establishing her name in the industry quickly through a radiant set of songs on her Feelings EP in 2021, taking her career to spectacular new heights with the extraordinary single “Won’t Break My Heart” in the following year, while continually creating powerfully engaging content through an exciting catalog of covers at her official YouTube channel – Bella works incredibly hard around the clock, 24/7, to refine her natural talents & elevate her craft.  Reaching nearly a million hits & views to her credit so far, it’s crystal clear that Bella’s got an extraordinary gift for creating next-level experiences with her music that proves she’s destined to connect the hearts & minds of everyone that has been tuning in from all over the map.

On June 30th this year, she’s releasing a groundbreaking new single called “My Love” that is certain to go viral and take Bella’s music straight to the very top of the worldwide Pop charts & playlists this summer.  A stunningly dynamic & insightfully profound song that fearlessly examines the depths of real emotions, the fierce tests of loyalty, and the true costs of undeniable carelessness – “My Love” takes a hard look at the “one who got away” in the aftermath of a broken relationship.  Relevant, vulnerable, open & honest – “My Love” reveals Bella’s lyricism in a shockingly relatable new light, while simultaneously highlighting her relentlessly captivating and addictive sound through vibes that’ll keep people coming back for more.

From the gripping authenticity and intensity of her performance, to the empowering message found at the core of her brand-new single, “My Love” is the anthem for anyone out there that has experienced a relationship gone wrong.  Audible proof that nothing can break her spirit, “My Love” serves as a vibrant reminder that the challenges and obstacles we all face in life make us even stronger for surviving them, and that no single person has dominion over how we think, feel, or choose to express ourselves – ever.

Sounding spectacularly inspired, and armed with wisdom beyond her years, “My Love” serves as further confirmation of Bella’s superstar status & superior artistic prowess.  Ecstatic to share what is definitely her boldest material to-date with each & every one of YOU listening out there from all around the globe, join Bella Delle this summer for the global release of “My Love” this June 30th.  Available on every major music platform online, and guaranteed to be the song that no playlist could possibly be considered to be complete without this year – “My Love” shows the world what generational talent is really supposed to sound like, and that Bella has the determination, talent & drive that it takes to be the true future of Pop.

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