Friday Dies – “Hammer Down”

Friday Dies – “Hammer Down” – Video Post Friday Dies, on a Sunday morning – let’s do this! From what I can see out there, it looks like guitarist/vocalist Mark Friday has a solid idea of what he’s looking to create in his music as Friday Dies.  We’re talkin’ about druids, witches, warlocks, wizards, kingdoms […]Read More

Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream”

Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream” – Music Video Post From what I’ve read about Big Bus Dream, all the music being made is based on actual dreams, which is interesting…I’ve obviously heard a few tunes throughout my lifetime at this point by many different artists and bands, yet none have strictly written every song […]Read More

James Kohler – “Rhea”

James Kohler – “Rhea” – Music Video Post Straight outta Aotearoa, New Zealand, to our Canadian-based pages and to your screens & speakers all around the globe, solo artist James Kohler has got a brand-new single called “Rhea” for you to enjoy as he continues on towards the release of his upcoming album Will And […]Read More

Schwerer Traum – “Rotations”

Schwerer Traum – “Rotations” – Music Video Post Well hot damn!  Tell us how you really feel about things, will you Schwerer Traum? They ain’t pulling any punches on this new single “Rotations,” I can assure you.  Calling out the fuckery and chaos we’ve created on this planet we share, Schwerer Traum sound fired-up and […]Read More

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind”

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind” – Music Video Post It sure seems like there’s never a week that goes by without a new BROCK tune when the guy is in the swing of things, which he has been all summer long pretty much…at least as far as we can tell.  The […]Read More

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love”

Eric Butterfield – “Bad Love” – Music Video Post For three years straight, solo artist Eric Butterfield was cruising right along with a string of new singles out there, starting with “Wake Me In Paris” in 2018 and “Dead Ex-Boyfriend” back in 2019.  Before this brand-new tune called “Bad Love” that we’re posting up here […]Read More

Into The Blue – “Don’t Ask For The Moon”

Into The Blue – “Don’t Ask For The Moon” – Music Video Post One of the things we’ve highlighted throughout the years here on these pages of ours, is the power of art to INSPIRE art – and this single from Into The Blue is a highlight example of what I’ve been talkin’ about all […]Read More

Manacore – “Mestre Total”

Manacore – “Mestre Total” – Video Post Over this past decade, you can see by the numbers here at our pages – I have heard…just a FEW things in my time as a music journalist at sleepingbagstudios.  Uniqueness is always something that stands out to me, and that I remember – it’s in knowing that, […]Read More

Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction”

Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction” – Music Video Post “I’m trying to make Pop music.  Let me know how I’m doing.”  #Yessir! Yusuf Othman – having the privilege & honor of being able to confirm talent like you’ve got, is pretty much the reason I exist and get out of bed at the strangest hours, every […]Read More

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days”

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days” – Music Video Post Really solid & steady songwriting from Jonathan Williams on his new single “One Of Those Days” – and when considering the shaky ground he’s found himself on in the past…one might very well say that even just being here today to make his music […]Read More