Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction”

Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction” – Music Video Post “I’m trying to make Pop music.  Let me know how I’m doing.”  #Yessir! Yusuf Othman – having the privilege & honor of being able to confirm talent like you’ve got, is pretty much the reason I exist and get out of bed at the strangest hours, every […]Read More

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days”

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days” – Music Video Post Really solid & steady songwriting from Jonathan Williams on his new single “One Of Those Days” – and when considering the shaky ground he’s found himself on in the past…one might very well say that even just being here today to make his music […]Read More

Big Bus Dream – “Operator”

Big Bus Dream – “Operator” – Music Video Post “You have the edge…you see it coming.  I wish I did…I do not.” I freakin’ love that line…it’s so…matter of fact, direct, and grounded.  All-in-all, it’s one of many lines in this tune by Big Bus Dream that stand out – “Operator” is a really well-crafted […]Read More

Far From Your Sun – “A Thousand Lives”

Far From Your Sun – “A Thousand Lives” – Music Video Post According to the band directly, their new single “A Thousand Lives” tells the story “about Marina, a little girl of only 8 years old, who died as a result of her parents’ beatings.  Marina probably suffered from a lifetime of abuse by her […]Read More

Sky_FP – “Mind Dance”

I tell ya folks…if I could go back in time & do it all again, I’d be making a lot more music than just writing about it.  Given that I can’t of course, I take solace in the fact that I get an opportunity to check out the actual future superstars of our musical universe […]Read More

Kalel – “The 27 Club”

“I’ve just been rapping, but who gon’ listen?” Hot damn!  Kalel has really brought something special outta his bag for this one y’all. It was only about five months back that we featured this dude’s single/video for his cut “Ready To Die,” and we’ve been ridin’ with Kalel since even further, back in 2019 with […]Read More

The Key Of Green – “Dirt Of Worms”

I hope y’aint sleepin’ on The Key Of Green y’all…these dudes have been crushing it this year with their latest cuts & videos from their second record, Precedence & The Silent Wheel – and “Dirt Of Worms” here represents one of the gritty best from the gnarly set of tracks you’ll find on that album.  […]Read More

Campfires And Coffees – “The Walk Of Us”

As we explained earlier on today in our full review of the new Campfires And Coffees single “The Walk Of Us” – we’re here to support this band in every way and help celebrate the release of one seriously fantastic new tune.  Artist Stephen Juanito, the man behind the music & vocals of Campfires And […]Read More

IJK – “Blue Christmas”

Join me as I dive on in here and defy the odds of my usual seasonal standards of how I tend to feel about the ol’ yuletide tunes!  If you’ve read these pages of ours on the regular over these past eight years or more, chances are around December you’ve run into some pretty opinionated […]Read More

King George – “Tightrope”

Welllllllllllll snap would you look at that – King George has gone all up & cinematic on us for the lyric video supporting his slick new single “Tightrope” – this thang looks like a movie yo!  If you notice the description, it’ll clue you in to what’s up and what “Tightrope” is really all about […]Read More

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