Manacore – “Mestre Total”

 Manacore – “Mestre Total”

Manacore – “Mestre Total” – Video Post

Over this past decade, you can see by the numbers here at our pages – I have heard…just a FEW things in my time as a music journalist at sleepingbagstudios.  Uniqueness is always something that stands out to me, and that I remember – it’s in knowing that, that I can tell ya without question this is the first time we’ve ever featured a song sung in Catalan here at our site.  To tell you the absolute truth, my memory is so long when it comes to music, I can tell you definitively, this is the first time I’ve ever heard one.  Full proof that music is every bit the universal language it’s always been claimed to be – “Mestre Total” is an explosively engaging single that demands your attention from start to finish – and you’ll give it to’em!

If you don’t…Manacore might just be inclined to take it by sheer sonic force…consider yourselves warned.

No matter where it is you are in the world, if you open your window and put your ear to the wind just right, chances are you’ll hear the behemoth sound of Manacore drifting into your house all the way from Spain where they’re currently based out of.  “Mestre Total” comes from their debut album called Perduts A Un Forat – and if this is any indication of the pure power & professionalism they’re putting into their songs, it’s safe to say you’ll be in for a scorching hot ride through mayhem & music combined.  We’ll be talking lots more about Manacore in the future to follow when we spin “Mestre Total” on one of the next upcoming episodes of the SBS Podcast here at our site – make sure to stay tuned for that – in the meantime, give their lyric video above a click or two & visit their main websites below for more info.

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