Here For A Reason – “Leave It All Behind”

From their upcoming EP, the new single “Leave It All Behind” by Here For A Reason burns with bright melody and an energetic sound.  All the way from Vienna in Austria, this five-piece Power-Pop/Punk band have found themselves a GIGANTIC hook in the chorus of this song, maximizing its potential perfectly by the way they […]Read More

Juke – “Aquafina”

Lightin’ up the m-i-c first thang in the mornin’ – Juke gets it started with “Aquafina” at the homepage today.  Puttin’ style & finesse into a short set of bars, this emcee keeps the rhythm rolling through his flow and makes the most of a minute & seventeen seconds on his latest single.  Supported with […]Read More

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid – Music Video Release/Review Y’all already know I’ve always got time for that good-good positivity in Hip-Hop – and this collaboration from Way-Z and Trace The Kid is a fine example of pretty much all the values we believe in here at SBS.  Championing on behalf of the […]Read More

JIMMYB – “Teach Myself Again”

Ya had me at the intensely tripped out colors & kaleidoscopic visuals that come along with the new lyric-video JIMMYB – just so happens the chilled-out music & vocals that come along with it on “Teach Myself Again” were equally satisfying to the soul!  Floating into the ether, you’ll find the impressively smooth & sweet […]Read More

The ATif – “Rest In Pieces”

KILLER lyric video to accompany a cut designed to haunt your Halloween night – The ATif returns to our pages with an electrifying jam called “Rest In Pieces!”  A bloodthirsty track that’s full of dark imagery and howling guitars just in time for your midnight massacre or late-night seance…you know, however you choose to celebrate […]Read More

Djo Life – “Anytime, Every Time”

Over the past several years of being at sleepingbagstudios, questions about lyric-videos have come our way more times that you’d possibly imagine – what makes them good?  What makes them great?  What makes them stand out to people? And you know…in nearly six full years of answering those questions repeatedly, my answer has ALWAYS been […]Read More

Steve Ryan – “Real Time”

Steve Ryan is still happily promoting his hit single “Real Time” – we got love for that here!  Though it was written & posted a while ago, it also proves that it’s ALWAYS a good time to spread the word on a great tune, like really, I mean it – ANY time is a good […]Read More

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