Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction”

 Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction”

Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction” – Music Video Post

I’m trying to make Pop music.  Let me know how I’m doing.”  #Yessir!

Yusuf Othman – having the privilege & honor of being able to confirm talent like you’ve got, is pretty much the reason I exist and get out of bed at the strangest hours, every day.  This man right here y’all – he’s got the magic…he’s got the voice…he’s got the smarts it takes when it comes to designing a song that’s gonna stand out in all the best & brightest ways from the lefts to the rights…I mean…I’ve heard a great many debut tunes here at our pages, and it’s rare to find an artist on this level of solid ground so early on into their career.  Everything I’m hearing in Yusuf is a flashing green light to keep on going at full speed from here – a debut tune is a MAJOR milestone and a commendable accomplishment in anyone’s career dear readers, dear friends – but when it sounds like THIS song does, you can safely expect we’ll be wanting more real soon!  “Superfiction” is a stellar example of Pop music that veterans of the game would be proud to have written & performed like Yusuf has – it’s a first impression that makes a lasting impact & a genuinely stunning cut that’s guaranteed to have you excited about Othman’s future, 100%.

There are a tremendous amount of standout elements in “Superfiction” that would be impossible for anyone to miss.  Chances are, it’s gonna be Yusuf’s fantastic voice that makes the quickest impression on ya – but when you start to examine this up close, there are endless reasons to love this debut.  Factor in things like the incredibly dynamic music in the mix that’ll take ya from the intensity of its most addictive hooks in the chorus, straight on through to the mellow of its final conclusion – or the insightful way that Yusuf’s written this song to deal with heartbreak in such a remarkably energetic & evocative way at the same time – these are the kind of moves that matter in music, and he’s clearly got the confidence that’s required to make this experience equally real for us, as listeners.  In terms of the design itself – I think it’s massively impressive to end on such low-key energy…it’s not so much that it’s never been done before, so much as it’s once again, a supreme rarity and very smart songwriting – the hooks that Yusuf has within “Superfiction” are going to stand out no matter what, but he makes an incredible choice towards the end to dial back & let a combination of his vocals, piano, and melody finish this single off on a note that’s every bit as strong as it is delicate.  With a shiny lyric-video supporting his debut song, and material that’s bound to catch the attention of the people out there – you’ll find no complaints from me when it comes to Yusuf Othman; this dude’s off to an amazing start already, and completely on the right path.

Find out more about the music of Yusuf Othman at his official pages below!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/yusufothmanartist

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/yusuf.othman

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1LiAMo2h1YCe6hRtjK4gFe

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/yusuf-othman/854962284

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsjr7qzDTol6NIAqZPSscw

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