Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream”

 Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream”

Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream” – Music Video Post

From what I’ve read about Big Bus Dream, all the music being made is based on actual dreams, which is interesting…I’ve obviously heard a few tunes throughout my lifetime at this point by many different artists and bands, yet none have strictly written every song around what they experience in their good ol’ slumber time.  So that’s neat.  That was enough to provoke my curiosity and push play on “C’mon Dream” to see what’s going on.  As it turns out, it’s also the title track of the upcoming album from Big Bus Dream, rumored to be dropping online officially this September 21st – so keep an eye out for that.  In the meantime, affix an eyeball or two to this here video below and have a listen to “C’mon Dream!”

I spent the majority of my life either never remembering my dreams or never having had them at all, and believe me, now that I have been dreaming for the past three years or so, it’s been enlightening to say the least.  So you betcha, I understand where Big Bus Dream is coming from when they sing “I curse the sunlight, because I know you’ll be gone” – it’s tough to wake up and lose your place in a great storyline!  Or what about those dreams like Big Bus Dream is describing…the ones where you just wanna go back to somehow, or see that person you love for just a little bit longer…I tell ya folks, dreams can be real taxing on the emotions when you’re having them vividly, but they can also be a completely welcome reminder of our best memories too.  “C’mon Dream” with Big Bus Dream this year and see things from a different perspective outside of your own, through colorful scenes onscreen, and inside your mind as you listen to this brand-new single.

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