Into The Blue – “Don’t Ask For The Moon”

 Into The Blue – “Don’t Ask For The Moon”

Into The Blue – “Don’t Ask For The Moon” – Music Video Post

One of the things we’ve highlighted throughout the years here on these pages of ours, is the power of art to INSPIRE art – and this single from Into The Blue is a highlight example of what I’ve been talkin’ about all this time.  Where to start?  I love this song…everything about right from the core concept to the stunning execution of the recording, and the animated storyboard lyric video that comes with it.

So here’s what I’m talking about when we say art inspires art & how it relates to our friends in Into The Blue, songwriter Richard Isen and singer Sarah Isen – they’ve put together an incredibly clever & sincerely jazzy single where the lyrics are comprised of lines & titles from old films – how cool is that?  And then of course, their music has now inspired the art you see onscreen through an extremely well arranged lyric video that’s as eye catching visually as this pair of talents is audibly enticing to listen to.

The music is absolutely gorgeous with its piano led melody & crisp precision percussion…and Sarah is a genuine gem on the mic without question, singing with exquisite expression, technique, and bold tones.  A combination of art from every angle that stands out for all the right reasons from sight to sound, Into The Blue have created an exceptionally compelling single by every conceivable measure with “Don’t Ask For The Moon” and perfectly reveal an authentic magic shared between them that’s undeniably special.

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