Digital Escort – “Dirty”

 Digital Escort – “Dirty”

Digital Escort – “Dirty” – Single Review

Well now…ain’t this interesting?  Who said that DE was dead?

It’s only been about SIX YEARS since Digital Escort was kickin’ out a series of hardcore Industrial jams – and yes…you can count me among the folks that started to assume they’d packed it in as a band.  They were hard enough to track down online to begin with…so honestly, it was really like Schrodinger’s Box when it came to the music of DE…if we just assumed they were still out there making music, maybe they would be.  If we dared to look, maybe the band would have been permanently broken up forever.  All I can tell you for sure is this:  I’ll probably never get a clear answer as to where they’ve been all this time.  So if you do, please let me know; and to whomever put them on a milk carton to get them found and safely back in the studio where they belong, truly, thank you – I’ve been a fan of this band for years now.

So…six years away…did they evolve?  Did they expand?  Did they grow?  Not really, no!  At least not that I can hear.  Did they need to?  Hell no!  If they’re doing anything differently, I’m not sure that I hear it, and even less sure that’d be something I’d want anyhow, considering the fact they were killin’ it with their music long ago to begin with.  To me, listening to “Dirty” felt like we were simply picking right up where they left off, with Digital Escort sounding not an ounce less potent or as powerful as they did before…these dudes still fucking crush it, and I highly suspect that if they carry on makin’ music that’ll always be the case.  I’ll put it to you this way…no matter what I’d said or how I felt about their singles in the past like “Leech,” “Happy When I Die,” “Machine,” “Swimming With The Fish” and all the others I reviewed here at our site, this band has always had a clear vision of the murky & mischievous synthetic vibes they’ve wanted to create.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s very rare to find a band as cohesive in style & sound as Digital Escort.  Credit where credit is due, it’s six years later and I could still pick their music out of a lineup blindfolded.

So no…I didn’t really need them to come back doing things significantly differently, so much as I just hoped they wouldn’t drop the ball in their return.  I’m happy to report that while their new single “Dirty” is an undeniable lateral move in many ways, the standards of Digital Escort were so damn high to begin with, that I’d take more of what I love from this band all day long any day of the week, even after six years away.  “Dirty” proudly blurs the lines between the Industrial genre and Nu Metal, while also adding in a purposely intense, dominant sexual element to its theme & the overall power within its vibe.  “Dirty” ain’t the song for the shy, you follow me?  You make a song like this when you’re fuckin’ with the lights on in an all-glass house, unafraid of what the neighbors see, or what kind of stains end up where.  When “face down, ass up” is the first line you hear…believe me, you know what kind of song you’re in for.  “Dirty” is some of that real underground sex dungeon soundtrack stuff that you know you BDSM clients love to punish & pleasure yourselves to!  Digital Escort came back to really live up to the name of their band and coax you all back into bed with’em.  I’ll make what room I can for ya to slide between the sheets and get comfy, but expect to find me there too.

Listen to the band unleash the beast around the 2:45 mark, drift into their most serene & calm moments, then fire up a genuinely impressive solo, all before the 3:30 mark…it’s nothing short of impressive, and probably the strongest part of the song.  At the very least, it’s the most forceful – consider yourselves warned!  No reason not to be stoked about this comeback though – they generate an insane amount of interest through the music alone in the very first forty-five seconds or so on “Dirty” and they continue to pile onto this extremely sexual experience like they’re firing off the money shot.  They’re every bit as rock solid as I remember them to be, and I am freakin’ ecstatic to have’em back in action, truly.  They know what they want out of their music, and their level of identity is off the charts – the enormous sound and gritty underground vibes of “Dirty” confirms that DE hasn’t lost a single step since they’ve been away, and that they’re still capable of kicking not just some, but all of the ass, 100%.

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