Digital Escort – “Leech”

Digital Escort – “Leech” – Single Review They say there are cyclical patterns you can identify in music.  We all have heard about the way a style or sound will burst out, fade away and come back again…that’s one of the known examples.  What about your work habits though?  Do those tell a story as […]Read More

Digital Escort – “A Beautiful Tragedy”

Digital Escort – “A Beautiful Tragedy” – Single Review These guys keep putting the pieces of their puzzle together in all kinds of impressive ways.  We’ve been following Digital Escort for almost exactly a year at this point…just a tiny bit past our anniversary celebration of stumbling onto one of the raddest electro-industrial combos out […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Happy When I Die”

Digital Escort – “Happy When I Die” – Single Review How hasn’t this band been signed to a major label by now is enough to leave you scratching your head in wonder a bit…Digital Escort is one of the finest examples out there in the independent scene right now of a band that is ready […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Hits For Slit Wrists”

Digital Escort – “Hits For Slit Wrists” – Single Review Well now!  No one ever accused Digital Escort of doling out the audible-sunshine now did they? With a notable twist of their electro-sound shifting more towards the extreme-industrial side of their style on the new single “Hits For Slit Wrists,” Digital Escort might not be […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Retro Sunscape”

Digital Escort – “Retro Sunscape” – Single Review Dig it!  These minstrels of mayhem are kickin’ ass on their new single “Retro Sunscape” – it’s got Digital Escort in a rare combination of extremes that add up to a massively accessible rhythm & groove.  Continuing their onslaught of online releases and building material for their […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 057

STOKED for the show this week!  Part I of a two-part episode with solo-artist Oliver Hansert, aka Vladrumetz when it comes to making music – and he’s all the way out in Germany taking part in what becomes the most fun I can have in a day, which is communicating and collaborating with artists not […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Reality”

Digital Escort – “Reality” – Single Review The minstrels of electro-mayhem are back with another brand-new single!  Man…Digital Escort has got to be one of the hardest working bands out there in ANY scene right now…I love how this band consistently makes music on the constant and is always pushing themselves to do something new […]Read More

Digital Escort – “God Of Mine”/”Something In The Way”

Digital Escort – “God Of Mine”/”Something In The Way” – Singles Review After reviewing another one of the latest singles from Digital Escort just hours ago…we’re still following this band down the rabbit-hole hours later and checking out a couple more singles that came our way.  Two vibrant electro/industrial tunes that also take a gigantic […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Machine”

Digital Escort – “Machine” – Single Review It would appear as if the mischief & mayhem of the music of Digital Escort has found its way to our pages once again…and that’s always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.  Easily one of the most reliable bands out there right now for quality in […]Read More

SBS Podcast 004

I clearly need my old co-host back just to keep me on some sort of schedule! It’s been far too long! And full-disclosure…I’ve had this one recorded for a while now…just too sick to function and get it out there lately! I mean…look at the cover of this episode…I’m down to skin & bones! Featuring […]Read More