Maine SFSG – “FREE”

 Maine SFSG – “FREE”

Maine SFSG – “FREE” – Single Review

Mannnnnnnnnnnn videos are gettin’ GOOD this year y’all!

For realz…I pretty much sat here with my jaw on the ground watching this latest vid from Maine SFSG – this whole cut is an exercise in GOING THERE.  Where you ask?  To a place that most artists & bands would never think to go, and even IF they did, they probably wouldn’t dare to…that’s what’s real.  If you look very closely at the fine print on the title screen as it begins, you’ll see one astounding piece of info that you need to consider, which reads:  “This music video was shot on the fly with very little planning, but yet a very big plan.  We hope you enjoy it” – The Millenial Visionaries Team.  Keep in mind this is written underneath the giant title of “FREE” with Maine SFSG’s name in big bold letters and a credit for the director Whoiswhitemayne up above it…so like, I literally didn’t even SEE this statement the first time I watched this video.  Then when I realized it was there, read it, and took this experience in again, I was pretty much blown away even that much more – “on the fly?”  REALLY?  Most artists would be lucky if they ever put together one video this awesome in their entire career, even if they spent days & nights planning out every single detail.  But that’s just the thing y’all…some folks have it, some folks don’t – and as for Maine SFSG, he not only has the ‘it’ factor, the X factor, and the wow factor working in his favor – he proves he’s on a whole other level than the rest of us mere mortals with the video he’s put together for “FREE.”  I’ll take you through a play-by-play of how I took this experience in and break it down for ya.

So like…at first…I’m thinking to myself…shiiiiiiit…this video’s gonna get someone in some serious TROUBLE yo…because like…I mean…having a woman leashed up and being walked like a dog alongside Maine SFSG while he’s smokin’ the most twisted-ass blunt, ridin’ his bike reallllll slow, and rappin’ it up, ain’t exactly the most…hmmm…let’s say progressive scenes you’re ever gonna see onscreen, you feel me?  And then I thought to myself, damn – some people pay real good money to be treated like this, so who the hell am I to judge, right?  I can’t be kink-shaming nobody.  So then I relaxed a little bit.  As far as the beat & the rhymes go…all that’s serious perfection – I’d listen to Maine SFSG rap all damn day – right from the drop of the very first syllable, this dude commands every single word he spits & puts the style into his rhymes without a doubt.  Top shelf stuff, all the way.  Those animated eyes freak me right out, but that’s alright…it’s daylight outside in the video, I haven’t hit the edibles too hard here yet either, so at the very least, I know it’s not just me trippin’ out, and what I’m seeing is actually part of the video – cool.  On the wrong day over here in my world (or the right one depending on how ya look at it!), all these animations poppin’ up & whatnot…I mean…I’d have to wonder if what I was seeing onscreen was actually IN the video or supplied by my mind…but you get it.

We start shifting towards a much more obvious humor as the hooks come in…and all of a sudden that dude with the gold grillz starts handling the air conditioning…manually…with a fuckin’ LEAF BLOWER.  Watching that distort faces and Maine’s mug as he was rappin’ was nothing short of straight-up brilliant – it got me laughing, and “FREE” just seemed to continually up the ante for the ideas on display.  Smart short clips like the middle finger in the mix, or heading straight down the lady’s mouth into tonsil town – all these things fly by quickly, but considering we’re ALL gonna want to watch this video ten times or more apiece, believe me, you’ll see it all in due time and appreciate just how much detail & effort has been put in here.  For a video that’s been put together “on the fly” – y’ain’t seen such quality in the results before…or such cleverness in the ideas.  When the dude rolls up bustin’ a nut from gettin’ head in his car via the blow-up doll, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about!  No joke though – I’ve seen millions of videos put together on short notice and a shoestring budget…and “FREE” is not like ANY of those, believe me.  Watchin’ that kid come from way across the playground to be like “OH SHIT” when he sees the dude in the car with the blow-up doll…fuuuuuuuck…I mean, that’s just too damn funny y’all.  Just as everything seems like it’s going right, our Maine man gets accosted by a dude that needs his car back – which puts the rest of the video in jeopardy because we’re like, only about two-thirds into it!  Of ALL the many things that made me laugh in this video for “FREE” – watching Maine call this dude out on having a “fucking FLIP PHONE” just about put me six feet under – I was howlin’ at that point.  Maine makes it sound like just SEEING this phone sincerely ruined his whole damn day…for real, this whole scene is so funny I almost died laughing.  It’s old-school antics, and I am HERE. FOR. IT.  I love how this whole part of the video takes us right outta the song for a skit that lasts about a quarter of the total time onscreen.

With about a minute & ten seconds left, we slide right back into the hooks like we never missed a beat – and if you think the laughter is over…guess again.  Cue the DOGS yo!  Ain’t nothing funnier than the look on a dog’s face when it’s dropping a proud deuce to begin with, but the fact that Maine SFSG has got this all happening in high definition, perfectly timed & zoomed out, with a dog layin’ out a steamer like it was on command…c’mon y’all…what else could I possibly need to say to sell you on watching this video?  “FREE” is fucking amazing…I’ve seen some really damn great videos this year like I do every year & like you do too…but I promise ya…there really ain’t that many that’ll make you laugh as hard as this vid will.  It’s SO DAMN GOOD that it might even take you a minute to realize just how damn GREAT this whole song is…from the hooks to the bars, Maine has nailed every second of what you’ll hear – don’t get it twisted…a great video ain’t all that much without a great song to go with it, and that’s all you’ll get in this instance from sight to sound – GREATNESS.  Middle fingers UP as the flip phone dude rolls out, a quick shot of the crew behind the scenes that has been catching all this gold on film the entire time, and that’s a wrap!  Maine SFSG, you’re my hero bruh – I will NEVER forget my first experience with your music, ever.  I couldn’t do it even if I tried to…but better yet, I do not WANT to – plus, it’s hard to forget something when you’ve got it on repeat all the time, am I right?  “FREE” is the must-see & must-hear single/video combo of 2022 y’all…do NOT get caught sleepin’ on this, and be ready to hit repeat, 100%.

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