Kay Guss x Buck Hunnitz – “FRANTIKK”

 Kay Guss x Buck Hunnitz – “FRANTIKK”

Whole lotta racks.”  #VisualProof

After hearing all the unfiltered, raw, and gritty details of everything they’ve been through to get where they are today – you better believe that Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz have earned the racks they’re flashing now!  I’m 100% stoked about what I hear in this collaboration and what I see in this video – these hustlers of the m-i-c are clearly putting in the work, they’ve got mad skills, and the results of all that in what you hear on their new single “FRANTIKK” proves this duo is holding absolutely nothing back in the pursuit of greatness.  This is what it sounds like when you go all-in y’all – and hell, it looks like it too!

I mean…what’s not to love here?  Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz go HARD at the mic and they give every bar everything they’ve got, syllable for syllable, pound for pound – their words carry serious WEIGHT, you feel me?  Combined with this video expertly shot by Qasquiat and the slick use of stylistic effects, scenes of the whole crew in the lot with their rides, stacks of cash, booze, and blunts wavin’ in the air – there’s no doubt…they’ve got all the right pieces in place to make a massive impact on ya with a single as killer as “FRANTIKK” is from sight to sound.  It’s all about commitment & dedication y’all – and when your moment comes, you step up & rise to the occasion – you put in the work, you end up with bulletproof results like you’ll find here in this single & video, that no one out there on this planet can argue against.  Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz not only kept their street cred fully intact here, they prove their own the next level professionally – one way or the other, they’re taking over the Rap/Trap game, by skill, or by force.  They’ve got ideas that connect – you’ll hear that in the lyricism, the rhythm in their bars, and the way they come at you onscreen in the video as well.  Make sure you’re paying full attention y’all…because when you think it’s all over, Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz are still far from finished with ya – you’ll find them flip the whole script and take this track into an entirely fresh new vibe to finish “FRANTIKK” off at the end in style, which at that point, simply becomes one more reason to completely dig on what these mic moguls have created with this latest joint.

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