SBS Podcast 127

 SBS Podcast 127

We went hard at Bandcamp Friday back in April this year – and it’s finally time to release the harvest in this latest set of our sub-series, the Proof Of Purchase specials – this one being lucky number thirteen!  We’ll be spinning all kinds of incredible music that’s new to the show this week once again – some come on in, grab a seat, get comfy, and check out some amazing tunes from the independent scene we share together!  We’ve got Opal Ocean, Mad Lollypop, In The Whale, OurGlassZoo, Plike, Gleodream, Dutty Devioso, Annie DiRusso, Psykobilly, Todd Underwood, Red Martian, SMAIBLUE, and ManChester Speas in the mix today – we’ll also be playing double-shots from Little Ghost, AZWEL, and Dust In The Sunlight too – AND…we’ll be stopping in along the way throughout the show to tell ya about brand-new tunes being made by Link&Chain and GioGag as well!  There might just be more reasons to tune in & turn up for this episode than we’ve loaded into any other before – you’ll just have to check it all out to know for sure!

Your official show lineup includes:

Annie DiRusso – “Nine Months”

Dust In The Sunlight – “Dust In The Sunlight” / “Hard To Explain”

Opal Ocean – “Tribal Instinct”

Psykobilly – “As I Drown” (Phil Sorrell Remix)

Azwel – “In A Bind” / “The Weekend”

Mad Lollypop – “Sail Away”

Todd Underwood – “It’s My Fault”

In The Whale – “RADIO”

Red Martian – “wont”

OurGlassZoo – “Sins”

Little Ghost – “The Dark” / “YOU Crossed The Line”

Plike – “The Tower”

SMAIBLUE – “Beside You (Jakarta Cemetary)”

GioGag – “Clear Talk”

Gleodream – “Desolate”

ManChester Speas – “Bluedream”

Dutty Devioso – “This One 4…” Feat. Xtra

Link&Chain – “Don’t Do That”

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