Free Mace – “Shark Attack”

 Free Mace – “Shark Attack”

Free Mace – “Shark Attack” – Single Review

Everywhere I go, and everywhere I see, there’s another shark attack.”  #truth

Interestingly enough, if you Google ‘shark attacks’ – you’ll find ‘shark attacks in Florida’ come up in the top ten results; but while you might assume these island vibes & Reggae sound of Jacksonville-based Free Mace are about to dive into the ocean…you’ll find there’s more than meets the eye here.  Instead of the whole Jaws theme you might have been expecting, these sharks that Free Mace are referring to seem to have no problem swimming on land…in fact, as many of you already know, they surround us each & every day.  Chances are, the sharks you know, wear a suit & tie in the grind of the corporate world behind a desk somewhere…or maybe their swimmin’ in the government pool and setting the rules for the rest of us to follow…you get where I’m goin’ with all this – Free Mace embraces that classic approach to Reggae music that expertly infuses an anti-establishment vibe into the heart of its message.

And if you’ve got your eyes wide open in this world…I’d imagine you’d agree with that quote up top there from “Shark Attack” and likely feel the same way yourself – I know that I do.  Sure there are lots of sharks swimming in the shallows of the corporate world…but let’s not forget the savage hustlers you find in everyday life from ‘friends’ to family as well – believe me, if you’re paying attention, these sharks are EVERYWHERE – just like Free Mace tells ya.  That in itself is how this wheel keeps on turning in the right direction, albeit slowly over time – we have music & art to educate us in ways the rest of this planet can’t – I appreciate guys like this dude Mason Staub who have the mindset & determination it takes to make a difference through the platform they’ve got.  I mean, yes, I get it…perhaps there’s a time & a place & all that stuff…not everyone always wants to get right into the heavy nuts & bolts of life all the time when they just wanna party for a moment or two…and to that I say, you’ve got plenty to choose from out there already – go get some.  If you’re looking to groove on a stellar Reggae vibe that’s unafraid to dig deeper…maybe contemplate & consider a few things while you’re listening about the wisdom that Free Mace is layin’ down on ya from the microphone…that’s when you wanna turn this UP.

What really impressed me straight off the drop was the amount of hooks you’ll find in the music itself – the gateway into “Shark Attack” as it begins is extraordinarily well-played, fresh, unique…it’s all that & more really.  It’s dynamic sound in action, and it establishes immediate interest that’s bound to have everyone’s attention for the versatile ride through hybrid vibes to follow.  Free Mace keeps the core elements of Reggae largely intact with the slow smooth groove through the verses and clever guitar rhythm…but you’ll find that “Shark Attack” moves even further towards the fringe of the genre within the chorus as they infuse a lil’ more Alternative/Indie electricity into the mix for ya.  The resulting combo of style & sound certainly works…in fact, I think a lot of people out there would highly agree that the twists that Free Mace is applying to their own Reggae vibes completely stand out as different from what so many of the rest in this realm tend to create.  Whereas so many tend to expect the peace & love vibe that’s so typically found within this style of music, Free Mace pushes the boundaries nearly in the opposite direction on this particular track – but make no mistake, they’re not being vicious, they’re simply being direct, open, honest, observant, and real as real can be.  And if you’re not wanting that in the music you listen to…this…high degree & dose of reality…at least some of the time…I mean…I’m just saying don’t be surprised if you see a shark staring back atcha the next time you have a look in the mirror, you feel me?  Free Mace is rockin’ Reggae with the pure intentions of informing ya about the many sharks swimming around on the daily with this new single, and keep ya fully entertained in the process.  Looks like at least three singles, two EPs, and two records out there from Free Mace so far, including the latest record – the World On Fire EP that contains this very single “Shark Attack” – so if you’re craving something real or something Reggae – or better yet both – check these dudes out.

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