Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded”

 Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded”

Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded” – Single Review

Many of you that know Celiane The Voice know that I stand for love and consciousness – that means love of self, and love of others…because when you love yourself, you can love others.”  #truth #wisdom

Those words came directly from the cyborg lips of Celiane The Voice in a PSA announcement that she put out last year…and I’d imagine they still hold true to this very day.  Can I just say – I love everything about this spectacular lady…this superhuman artist…this innovative & creative gem of a human-being that is superbly & sensationally skilled, gifted with a truly loving spirit and a powerhouse vocal range.  Reading about Celiane through social media & online pages & whatnot…I gotta say, she’s a genuinely inspiring artist out there in our independent music-scene & it’s fantastic to have her back in action & on our pages again…it was a serious pleasure to learn about how she views “technology as a tool, a pathway into a future where it serves the elevation of humankind – not the other way around” – and then hearing her put that theory into practice right in the here & now through this cover of “Inner Universe” from the Ghost In The Shell anime…I mean…it’s something else!

There are practically countless ways in which “Inner Universe Reloaded” will make a memorable & fully favorable impression on ya.  From the moment it starts, you can audibly hear the dynamic force this song is gonna bring to your speakers through the production of the music by Bill Williams Media, which is enhanced to its vibrant sparkle & shine in the final results by Jay-J of Shifted Music’s mastering skills.  An immediate stand out, the work has absolutely been put in and the single instantly begins to work its magic right from the drop, introducing Celiane The Voice into “Inner Universe Reloaded” through clever edits & effects at the very start, and letting this Electronic Hip-Hopera expand into the expressive realm of style & sound.  This is powerful stuff that draws your attention in QUICK y’all…it’s what you want to find in single-worthy sound – and believe me when I tell ya, I haven’t even told ya half of why you should listen!

Because I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Celiane The Voice is gonna sing in THREE languages yet.

That’s right – you read that correctly.  Not only is the music a hybrid & diverse palette of radiant sound for her to work with, but the multiple languages she uses expresses her versatility and spellbinding talent in wildly compelling ways to listen to.  No easy task by any measure – Celiane’s singing in Russian, Latin, and English – this would be a massive challenge for just about any artist out there…but hey…what have I been tellin’ ya from the get-go here?  Celiane The Voice isn’t like anyone else out there!  It’s more than impressive to not only hear her hold her own in singing three different languages, but to thrive with confidence in each & every one of’em along the way…like…let’s be real here – Celiane was born for this.  Or assembled.  I’m still getting my mind around the whole cyborg thing I saw in the PSA earlier on.  The point is – she’s seriously crushin’ it and you couldn’t come to any other logical conclusion whether you’re a human or a machine, or both.  She’s done an incredible job in raising the stakes in this cover variation, and you can absolutely hear the professionalism & passion radiate from every syllable she sings.  I think it’s remarkable…truly…from the inspired lead-vocals, to the brilliant way she soars so boldly & beautifully throughout the background and rises to meet the challenges of her biggest notes & moments along the way through a wildly versatile structure & sound…I mean…what’s not to love here?

This is how art continues to inspire art – and you know we love that here.  You could call a track like “Inner Universe Reloaded” music if ya wanna…I get it…it’s sound comin’ outta your speaker-holes and it qualifies by definition – but let’s be real here; a song like this is a sensory experience – it IS audible ART.

This is a compelling cut by every conceivable definition – and Celiane The Voice should be exceptionally proud of the breathtaking performance she’s put into “Inner Universe Reloaded” – she’s given you every reason under the sun to listen to this single from performance to production, and I recommend ya do.

Find out more about Celiane The Voice at her official website at:  https://www.celianethevoice.com

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