Karan Patade – “Wake Up”

 Karan Patade – “Wake Up”

Yup!  Karan’s got the vibe, no doubt about it.

If I’m being truthful with y’all, he had me at hello with the playfully jazzy music that starts up this song, even before his radiant vocals began; and then of course by the time you get to that point, liking or loving this song becomes a truly forgone conclusion.  For real – you give this a click for yourself below and tell me you’re not feelin’ what I feelin’ here…that tiny lil’ piano-led intro instantly puts you in the mood to listen to whatever might follow it next, and Karan will go on to absolutely conquer with charm.

In what becomes a highly relevant hybrid set of vibes that infuses Soul, R&B, Pop, and Electro into the mix…Karan gives you every reason to listen to “Wake Up” and check out what he’s up to on his latest record Studio 3311 – in terms of a gateway tune & single-worthy sound, this cut has everything a set of ears could possibly wanna hear.  Karan’s got such an impressive natural rhythm…and while I’ll readily admit this is my own personal first experience with his music, if I’m not mistaken – it’s many of ours – Studio 3311 just came out this year, and from what I can see online…as far as I can tell…”Wake Up” is from his debut album.  No joke folks, when you hear how much professionalism is in this guy…how spot-on he is with the energy of the song & tone of his voice…I mean…you’d fully expect a cut like this to have come from a true veteran with an established lifelong career – it’s that polished, that refined, and that perfectly executed.  From performance to production, the work has been put into this cut from every conceivable angle…and as a result, “Wake Up” will easily be one of the smoothest grooves you’re likely to hear this year.  Everything stacks up to a resounding win here for Karan – this dude’s just got fantastic energy & real style in the way he sings, that’s the facts y’all…I’ve always got time for a track like this one.

I’d imagine there are gonna be a great many of you out there that feel exactly the same way.  Karan Patade has this uplifting aura about him, and “Wake Up” is a stellar example of the way he’s able to create music that’ll pass his incredible energy right over to us as listeners.  Refreshingly inspired, “Wake Up” is a brilliant introduction to the music Patade is making and what this man is capable of – he’s got a single-worthy song on his hands here with this cut for sure, and a vibe that’s guaranteed to connect to the hearts & minds of the people out there.  I’ll say it as plain as day – it just feels GOOD to listen to, you feel me?  The spirited sound & organic charisma of Karan Patade is as inviting & welcoming as it gets, and if this is where his adventures in music are truly starting…believe me when I say, he could go a long, long way with his career in the years to follow with the talent he’s got for both singing & songwriting – “Wake Up” is an excellent single – make sure he’s on your radar, and bumpin’ on your playlists this year.

Find out more about Karan Patade at his official pages through the links below!

Magical Multi-link:  http://hyperurl.co/karanpatade

ReverbNation:  https://www.reverbnation.com/karanpatade

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7jzaBBu6GjeoPiRATOyh8c

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/karan-patade/1024960912

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6FVZuCIF8SWl6IzozyD2Q

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