SBS Podcast 128

 SBS Podcast 128

We are stocked & loaded with incredible new tunes once again – it’s Proof Of Purchase! – Volume 14 on the SBS Podcast today!  Featuring cuts we purloined from the harvest on Bandcamp Friday back in May this year – it’s high time we cracked open all these treasure to share with ya.  We’ll be spinning tracks by Dyatlove, Lightning Bug, Scaphoid, B L O C K E D, In The Whale, Trynket featuring June B, Wlftown, and Arkitek MrJ, Violet Night, THRILLCHASER, The Sunless Sea, Serph, The Silent Boys, BROCK, Sail Cassady, lola demo, and Jeremy Szoka in the mix today – we’ll also be playing double-shots by Low Key Trampline and Jeff Shadows – AND…we’ll be making stops along the way to talk about brand-new music by Belmez Faces and Sanny Veloo on today’s episode!  That’s RIGHT – all in this ONE expanded special show – and just for YOU – come check it all out!

Your official show lineup includes:

Lightning Bug – “September Song, Pt. II”

Jeff Shadows – “Seashore Of Dreams” / “Lights”

B L O C K E D – “I Wrote This In Less Than An Hour And I Have No Idea What The Title Should Be”

Trynket – “Built To Last” Feat. June B, Wlftown, and Arkitek MrJ

THRILLCHASER – “Out Of Our Minds”

Serph – “Spirit Circle”


Low Key Trampoline – “I Can Wait, I Cannot Wait” / “We Are Born”

Belmez Faces – “Sinister Blood”

lola demo – “Not Standing Quietly By”

Jeremy Szoka – “Gutterfish”

Sail Cassady – “Simple Man”

The Silent Boys – “Last Time”

The Sunless Sea – “Void”

VIOLET NIGHT – “(If) You Are The Ocean (Then) I Would Like To Drown”

Sanny Veloo – “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving”

In The Whale – “Woman”

Scaphoid – “Marauder”

Dyatlove – “The Chrysalis”

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