The Seducers – “Horns”

 The Seducers – “Horns”

I know we’re all about this – the question really is, are YOU ready for The Seducers?

This digitally killer Electro-hybrid creates a colorful collage of audible awesomeness & a full-on mix of mischief & mayhem, to bombard us with the exploratory & innovative creativity surging throughout the new single “Horns,” burying us in an avalanche of intensity & three-dimensional sensory sound, just like you know we love to be here at sleepingbagstudios!  Every bit as addictive for the true audio oddity that it IS, just as much as it’s guaranteed to make an impact on ya through the wild rumble of the low-end, the impeccable insanity captured in the background & rhythm layers, and the ultra slick & stylistic vocals that glide calmly along the surface in remarkable juxtaposition to the sheer amount of sonic chaos surrounding them.  Amazing!  We’re all about bold creativity like this – it’s bands like The Seducers that are out there in the independent music-scene right now pushing it in extraordinary new directions – and a track with the purely mesmerizing & hypnotic Pysch/Electro vibes as enormous as these are tells ya that they’re ready to break some new ground in 2020, loud & proud.  There’s simply no possible way that single & video like “Horns” won’t make a memorable impact on each & every one of you listening & watching – this is fully designed to stand-out in all the right ways…it’s unapologetic, it’s confident, it’s absolutely freakin’ crazy cool when it comes right down to it…and the very definition of what an unforgettable experience is really all about.  “Horns” comes from the 2020 record just released by The Seducers called Møshpit that is out & available now, building on what’s been an extremely busy past two years filled with singles, EPs, and albums dropping online.  The momentum is moving in the right direction, & when you see this video for “Horns” and hear what The Seducers are capable of, you’ll know exactly why the people out there are reaching to turn this band UP.

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