Desert Rain Project – “Centre Of The Universe”

 Desert Rain Project – “Centre Of The Universe”

Sounding fantastic in a mix of melancholy & splendor – Desert Rain Project returns to our pages with a stellar new single/video just released, called “Centre Of The Universe” for you all to dig on.  We call it like we hear it over here at SBS, always have, always will – and what you’ll hear from this crew of talented musicians this time around speaks volumes on behalf of the immaculate depth & smoldering emotion they’re able to add into their sound.  “Centre Of The Universe” displays a remarkable atmosphere of Alt-90s-esque style, and you’ll find the gripping mix of emotions & questions that swirl throughout the powerful messages & bold instrumentation hits the mark in extremely memorable ways.  Desert Rain Project shows us all exactly how tight this band really is in the way they perform this single so flawlessly – they’re working with massive hooks that sink in deep through the mesmerizing pace & melody they’ve so expertly put together for “Centre Of The Universe” – this whole song is sure to make an impact & impression on Alt/Rock fans.  The writing deserves a serious amount of credit here; Desert Rain Project isn’t a band to ever hide their faith, and they’re not about to start now with this new single – but notice how it gets revealed so cleverly throughout this song, eventually providing the ultimate answer in the finale to many, if not all, of the questions they’ve been asking all along.  What exactly is at the “Centre Of The Universe,” you ask?  No better way we can think of than to click play on the new single by Desert Rain Project below & find out for yourself!

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