Inzane Music 2020 – “LEFT BEHIND” Featuring Francis & TXMIC

 Inzane Music 2020 – “LEFT BEHIND” Featuring Francis & TXMIC

Can’t let the loss be all for nothing.”  #truth

Memorable hooks & meaningful messages?  Sign us up homies – you know we’re into that.

Inzane Music 2020 has put together an absolutely stellar single/video combination here in collaboration with artists Francis & TXMIC – “LEFT BEHIND” is the kind of cut that hits home with relevant lyrical insight, smart social commentary, and powerful visuals to support it all onscreen.  Consider this collaborative effort a unified tribute on all-fronts…this whole crew has created a single that pays respects to the fallen with authenticity sincerity – and as a result, you feel every moment of this cut from its core themes of Black Lives Matter and how we’ve lost too many good people to systemic violence & systemic ignorance in battling the current worldwide pandemic.  Top-shelf performance from all involved – you get the genuine emotion ringing true in the hooks, you get the added edge to the rap in the bars that displays the intensity of the feelings burning behind the words and just how much these issues they’re bringing up get us fired up for the change we need.  “LEFT BEHIND” is so much more than mere entertainment – though admittedly, this track slaps hard on that level too – but when it comes right down to it, it’s the thoughtful message behind the music that makes the major impact on us, which is exactly the kind of leadership we love to see displayed from the independent scene.  Unified in their mission and their message – “LEFT BEHIND” is a perfect example of how to communicate through music effectively – you can tell from the conviction & confidence in their every move from the music to the microphone that they take this moment seriously, because that’s exactly how it should be taken, by each and every one of us listening as well.  We know they’re on the right side of history in what they believe…and no matter how long we all gotta keep marching in effort to make that change, or how many songs like this need to be made to create global awareness – you better believe we’re here for it.  Extremely well thought-out and expertly put together from every angle you hold this up to examine it from – “LEFT BEHIND” is a single with tremendous value from its core messages, to the fluid design & flow the music, to the skills on the mic…all the way to the lasting impact this insightful cut should leave on us all.

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