Erik Odsell – “Human”

 Erik Odsell – “Human”

If you’ve read the recent review we wrote about artist Erik Odsell‘s latest single “Human” from back at the end of October, you know we had plenty of great things to say about the meaningful messages behind his new song – and here’s your opportunity to check out the video he’s put together to support it!  The man has always put undeniable passion & heart into his music, it’s excellent to see it come alive onscreen in the live footage Erik has running through “Human” – and as cool as that looks, you’ll be equally impressed by the smart inclusion of kids from around the world singing along & the brilliant addition of people in masks of people we know of that masquerade as world ‘leaders’ – Odsell’s got himself a great video here with perfect balance between what we see to keep us entertained.  Combined with the powerfully emotional pleading in the lyricism & reminder that we’re all connected together, important to each other, and “Human” – this whole experience becomes as wonderfully effective audibly & visibly as it is genuinely sincere in the writing, intentions, and sentiment behind the song.  A solid pairing between the music & the video – Erik‘s gotta be more than stoked on how this all came out and represents the concept; I know we are here at SBS & we’ll be talking more about him & his music on the next episode of the SBS Podcast coming out this Friday – make sure to tune in!  For now, give this a spin so that we’re all on the same page when you check out the show this week – I’ve still got lots more great stuff to tell ya about Erik Odsell & the music he’s making – and this video/single he’s got here for “Human” will provide ya with an uplifting melody for the soul in the meantime – check it out for yourself below!

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