Month: <span>July 2020</span>

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna Tell You…” Featuring Emarie – Single Review A collaborative effort on all fronts, supplied by our homies at Survival Crew Records, Inc. – the brand-new single “I Just Wanna Tell You…” features the songwriting of Warren J. Gallimore, who also co-produced this cut along with […]Read More

Atlantic Francis – “Five Weeks”

Official Press Release Atlantic Francis Is Set To Thrill This Summer With “Five Weeks” Officially Released August 14th! Building on the momentum & enthusiasm surrounding the 2019 release of their Park Ranger Dream EP, Sweden’s own spectacular retro-band Atlantic Francis returns in 2020 with a sparkling brand-new single, called “Five Weeks.”  Stocked full of the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 128

New set outta the vault for ya!  Take a trip back in time with us to check out Alex Rake play sets from the CIVL Radio Battle Of The Bands in 2015 – and stick around for a bonus video from the band formerly known as Aztec jamming a live cover in the original SBS […]Read More

Flossy Montee – “I Know”

With heavy emphasis on melody and puttin’ genuine emotion into the m-i-c, Flossy Montee clearly has a few things weighing on his mind that he’s lookin’ to express to ya on his latest single called “I Know.”  Dude’s tryin’ to do his level best to sort life out and find out who’s really on his […]Read More

Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke”

Make no mistake about the pure power of even the quietest moments – it was a song very similar to “Gedanke” by Vincent Krennerich that changed the entire course of my existence over twenty years ago…way before there was as much grey in my beard as there currently is today.  It was a tiny, beautiful, […]Read More

Swami Lushbeard – “The Truth”

Swami Lushbeard – “The Truth” – Single Review With great responsibility, comes great power. As impressed as I was with the flash & dazzle of their previous single “Enemy” released earlier this year, and as much as I’ve already documented my thoughts about this being the most impressive part of the band’s career coming throughout […]Read More

BigFlexGuapo – “Never Losin”

Bringin’ such a thunderous rumble of low-end to your stereo systems that it’ll make or break those subwoofers of yours this summer, BigFlexGuapo didn’t call himself SmallFlexGuapo for a reason y’all – this dude goes BIG when it comes to the beats he’s workin’ with (this time provided by the one & only Chef Boyar […]Read More

RudeGal 4.0 – “Rude As I Wanna Be”

Bossed UP and on her ‘RudeGal shit‘ – this emcee sounds determined to verbally stomp out pretenders & fakes as she grinds her way to the top of the Rap game!  RudeGal 4.0 is in the hizzzzzzzzouse y’all, and she’s rightfully taking her spot on the throne with a powerfully confident & slick performance on […]Read More

386 Private – “I’m Gymnasting”

I prettttttttttttttty much get out of bed every morning looking for something like this. With so many different avenues, styles, and sounds available at our creative disposal, I gotta admit, it’s almost bizarre not to hear too many tunes willing to courageously color outside the lines.  Know what I mean?  Sure we hear variations of […]Read More

Cool Ass – “Fuck You COVID-19”

“You ready for this shit?” I hope you’re ready for this shit.  We played this shit on the SBS Podcast earlier today – and chances are, you’re here to check this shit out via video-screen now, based on all the stuff I had to say about Cool Ass on the show; but even if you […]Read More