Month: <span>July 2020</span>

SBS Podcast 097

Proof Of Purchase Volume 3! Last month, back on the first Friday of June, we pillaged the Bandcamp website’s special to support artists/bands yet again to mine for more of that gold the independent music-scene has been puttin’ out there into the world.  Come check out a full-list of some of Jer’s favorites from around […]Read More

John Doh – “Happy Birthday”

John Doh, back on our pages, doin’ his thang… Although this time, as you might have guessed, John Doh gets a bit more specific when it comes to the intended audience for his latest single – “Happy Birthday” is a track created to celebrate his sister’s 30th spin around the sun.  You know we’re joining […]Read More

Toby Tune – Introspection

Toby Tune – Introspection – Album Review If I had to hazard a guess, I’d be willing to bet that Toby Tune is busy making more music right at this very moment as I’m typing this…and likely the same goes for right now, when you’re reading this review.  A scan over his page at Soundcloud […]Read More

0222 – Abandon Paris (Live @ Studio 2016) Album II

You know how we do it here!  We’re always out in the crowd somewhere – and in 2016 at the beginning of the year, we were at Studio in Vancouver checking out Abandon Paris hit the stage LIVE!  They’re a rare entity out there in the scene these days, but they do in fact still […]Read More

Rare Phantom – “Blistering Luv”

It won’t even take a mere five seconds into the video for “Blistering Luv” for you to realize no one out there keeps it quite as chill as Rare Phantom does. Welcome to a day in the LIFE y’all – Rare Phantom is clearly doin’ alright these days based on what you’ll see in the […]Read More

Margarita Shamrakov – “I Love Mukbang”

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” – Oscar Wilde UNLESS it comes to enjoying LIFE – when it comes to that, we fully recommend you take everything right to the limits & beyond.  Artist Margarita Shamrakov gets it…you can tell right from the words I’ve got here in my notes that are some of my favorite […]Read More

Accidental President – “Rotten Child”

Accidental President – “Rotten Child” – Single Review My love affair with Australia’s music-scene has been well documented throughout the history of my career as a journalist.  From rabidly hunting down everything I could find by acts like Eskimo Joe and Something For Kate back in the day (well, okay…I still haven’t stopped that search), […]Read More

Bipha – “Announce” Featuring Acemattz

Straight from LittyNationZ to your speakers & screens – Bipha is here to “Announce” himself and make a statement in 2020 with his homie Acemattz on the mic right beside him for his latest single.  A solid collaboration that crushes bars and brings genuine style & swagger to their rhymes – the balance of strengths […]Read More

D.K. Lyons – The Past (Romanticized)

D.K. Lyons – The Past (Romanticized) – Album Review Much credit to whomever wrote up the press release for the debut record by D.K. Lyons – the write-up alone had me very interested as to what I might find once I pushed play on The Past (Romanticized).  And then, once I did, I went back […]Read More