Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna Tell You…” Featuring Emarie

 Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna Tell You…” Featuring Emarie

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna Tell You…” Featuring Emarie – Single Review

A collaborative effort on all fronts, supplied by our homies at Survival Crew Records, Inc. – the brand-new single “I Just Wanna Tell You…” features the songwriting of Warren J. Gallimore, who also co-produced this cut along with Austin Leeds, who lends his talents & time to the engineering, mixing, and mastering as well – and last but not least, starring guest-singer Emarie to bring the whole song together with a magnificent performance on the mic.  You see what I’m saying?  A ton of cooks in this kitchen for sure – but thankfully, they all put the love into the final recipe collectively, and by everyone dialing-in to a shared vision of where the potential in “I Just Wanna Tell You…” could lead them, they went on to achieve addictive results, and a verifiably single-worthy song built on sweetness.

You’ll find this served up in two ways online…you’ve got the original and an EDM version, both with their own unique videos that have come out to support the release of “I Just Wanna Tell You…” – which was a solid move on this collaboration’s part – it’s all about getting the music out there and they’ve done it in every possible way you can think of.  From the animated vid that brightens up the onscreen vibe of the original, to the party-vibes displayed throughout the lyric-video that comes with the EDM mix, “I Just Wanna Tell You…” has been set up with every possible advantage to reach its audience from screen to sound.  With each of the videos already surpassing ten-thousand views handily over the past month or-so since the official release online, in addition to the countless hits no doubt obtained through spinning this song in its two versions on all the other platforms out there on the internet, it’s pretty safe to say that the people out there are digging on the vibes created by Gallimore, Leeds, and Emarie on this cut.

Ultimately, I’d agree with the public consensus that already exists – there is plenty of reason to give this new single plenty of spins.  From the sparkling sound of the production to the memorable hooks, to the stellar performance from Emarie, “I Just Wanna Tell You…” makes the most of its sweet sentiment and certainly puts this love-themed tune into a ready-to-absorb context that the masses can easily grasp & sing along with.  Sure, there’s an argument to be made that a lot of the lyricism you’ll find in this tune explores fairly surface-level ideas of what love’s all about – and while I would always encourage Gallimore to dig even deeper in that respect when it comes to the words and expressing emotions like I would with any writer out there – in this instance, I felt like the simple and direct nature of the words suited this song really well.

Essentially, the chorus says it all – “I just wanna tell you that I love you” – that’s what this whole song is really all about, full stop.  So sure, Gallimore could have got out his Shakespeare sonnets and gone all John Keats poetic if he wanted to, of course!  But would a wordy way of saying what he wants to say so clearly have been more effective here in this shiny Pop/EDM setting?  No!  Not at all in my opinion.  Sometimes you just wanna say things as plain as day & tell a person you love’em – I’ve got love for that.  My gut tells me that Gallimore could have gone plenty of different directions with it, given the skills he has…I think in the end he’s chosen wisely to let the sweetness of the melody & core message do the majority of the talking…and hearing the way that Emarie has beautifully & gracefully brought the extra magic out of these words was indeed a great pairing.  If I’m being entirely honest – without her performance, I’m not as sure about where this could have ended up – with everything lyrically being so direct & to the point, the vocals needed to have that extra personality to bring out the intended emotion behind the words, and that’s exactly where Emarie excels in the way she sings this single.  What I really loved beyond all things, was that together, they’ve managed to take a phrase as humble & sweet as “I just wanna tell you that I love you” and made it one of the most memorable hooks you’ll find this year.  For real y’all – if you’re not singing this around your house after even just one or two spins, I’d be downright amazed – these hooks will stick with ya long, long, after the song has finished playing I tell ya.  No matter how you slice it, whenever that’s the case, whether you personally feel you love it or not, if you’re hearing hooks that never seem to leave your mind, that tells you there’s really something there.

The art of great songwriting isn’t always about scanning the dictionary the thesaurus to discover some combination of words that haven’t been written before – it’s completely about finding the right way to approach the music with something that sincerely suits the song, and that’s what they’ve all done here.  I also really liked the fact that I didn’t come out with a clear preference between the two versions of “I Just Wanna Tell You…” – I think they both came out sounding crystal clear and get the most out of the upbeat dynamics & demeanor this song possesses.  So take that to heart…you really can’t lose; you’ll enjoy both for sure…it’s definitely a case of if you dig one version, you’ll dig the other – but to suit your own personal tastes, at least you’ve got options for where you can stack this single into your playlists!  Each time I felt like the slower pace to the Pop version brought out the melody just 10% more, I found myself arguing that the EDM version had more lively energy & spark to pull me in – but in either case, I never found myself complaining so much as stoked to feel that both variations of this single brought something distinct to the speakers that set it apart from the other.  And even though I was raised in the Grunge era, naturally pre-disposed to raising up the hairs on the back of my neck and ready to rebel against anything too sweet…I’ve learned to soften that hard shell over the years as my taste in music expanded…I’ve got all the time in the world for songs with sentiment like “I Just Wanna Tell You…” these days.  This planet could stand to have a lot more love in it right now – and I’m stoked to have artists like Gallimore, Leeds, and Emarie in a collaboration like this, so capable, ready, willing, and able, to supply.

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