RudeGal 4.0 – “Rude As I Wanna Be”

 RudeGal 4.0 – “Rude As I Wanna Be”

Bossed UP and on her ‘RudeGal shit‘ – this emcee sounds determined to verbally stomp out pretenders & fakes as she grinds her way to the top of the Rap game!  RudeGal 4.0 is in the hizzzzzzzzouse y’all, and she’s rightfully taking her spot on the throne with a powerfully confident & slick performance on the m-i-c throughout her latest cut called “Rude As I Wanna Be,” bringing dynamic sound from the lefts to the rights along with her.  Puttin’ on a masterclass on how to get wild personality & charisma to connect – RudeGal 4.0 takes this single so seriously you’ll be thankful that you haven’t crossed her – and I’d recommend you go on keepin’ it that way, you feel me?  She’s in charge of every second of “Rude As I Wanna Be” and making the most of this moment with gripping expression that’ll tell your ears she means every single word she’s spittin’ at us – she’s 100% badass!  Check out the new single “Rude As I Wanna Be” by RudeGal 4.0 below yo!

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