Month: <span>July 2020</span>

SBS Podcast 099

Ready to take you for a ride all over the map from one side of sound to the other – come get yourself a dose of diversity & versatility in the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be jammin’ tunes from Bad Pilot, Olga Solar, per[sona, Coma Girl, Foux, Resilient, Guest Actors, and Anxious […]Read More

Jae Money – “Pain In My Heart”

Quality cut homie. Jae Money is definitely onto something here – the man’s got the perfect balance between the skills & swagger you wanna find in an emcee/artist in the game.  He’s puttin’ in the personal details on “Pain In My Heart,” a track that’s dedicated in tribute to his father, who passed away in […]Read More

Noel Johnson (NDJ) – “So Out Of Style”

Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right. I’ve been literally immersed in the story of Noel Johnson (NDJ) over the past week or more, and I’ve barely thought about anything else since I first started learning about him.  I’m here to talk about the new video & single he’s putting out officially TODAY […]Read More

King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE”

King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE” – Singles Review With about three years or more of listening to the King’s music under my belt at this point in time, having reviewed his cuts all the way back to 2017, and twice in 2019 in the thick of his resurgence – he knows I’m always […]Read More

Shel’Yailah – “My Heart”

Everything’s gotta start somewhere right? Technically, Shel’Yailah has been making music ever since she was three years-old, captivating & charming every person in the room whenever she had the opportunity and an audience to perform in front of.  Clearly that practice paid off; she grew up singing in church, discovering her voice, and years later, […]Read More

The Verbal Ace – “Playin’ To Win”

What I can tell ya for sure, after watching the video for “Playin’ To Win,” is that we need a whole lot more people out there parenting like The Verbal Ace is doin.’  You’ll get the full picture when you have a look & listen for yourself…for now, let’s just say we’ve got mad respect […]Read More

Cindy Horn – “This Love”

Cindy Horn in the hizzzzzouse tonight y’all!  What better time to fire-up the Electro-circuits and get your party bumpin’ than on a Friday night?  Cindy’s got just the thing to help you set it off – a brand-new Trance single that’s stocked full of radiant energy and colorful neon sounds comin’ at ya, called “This […]Read More

Jack Ryan – “Just Want To Talk”

Lemme tell ya folks…it’s super-rare to find a song as easy to like or love as this one is. Give it up for Jack Ryan!  The lighthearted vibes he’s got goin’ on throughout his single “Just Want To Talk” has the exact kind of immaculately smooth flow to it that leads to a shiny & […]Read More

Wild Other – “Løve Avenue”

Come get yourself a digital slice of somethin’ real nice for your late-night, or whatever time it might be wherever you are – there’s never a bad time to take a stroll down “Løve Avenue” and have a listen to this shiny single from Wild Other.  Colorized with vibrant sounds that spring to life through […]Read More

BankrollShell – “My Turn”

A gifted artist busting into the scene out of Jacksonville, Florida – BankrollShell brings a genuine mix of soul & style to the beats & bars he’s droppin’ rhymes on.  Unafraid to get personal to be as raw & real as possible with his audience, BankrollShell puts together a solid string of thought-provoking lyrics on […]Read More