Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke”

 Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke”

Make no mistake about the pure power of even the quietest moments – it was a song very similar to “Gedanke” by Vincent Krennerich that changed the entire course of my existence over twenty years ago…way before there was as much grey in my beard as there currently is today.  It was a tiny, beautiful, and exceptional piano piece created by Aphex Twin for the Drukqs album…well in truth, there were a couple on that record…but the point is, when you know where to find the sincerity and emotion in a melody, it can connect to our very soul in inexplicable ways that we should always be thankful for.

As far as Google will tell me, “Gedanke” essentially translates to ‘thought,’ ‘concept,’ or ‘idea’ – and with respect to that, Krennerich certainly has brilliance on display from beginning to end of this quaint gem.  Highly expressive and stunningly emotional, Vincent has an extraordinary ability to use the space surrounding each and every note as they hang in the air to his advantage & our benefit – you’ll be hanging onto every moment of “Gedanke” as it plays, listening intently, because music like this deserves your attention.  A true combination of the strength in what’s being played and how it’s being played – there’s not a second of wasted space on “Gedanke” or anything you’ll hear that could be described as anything short of completely captivating – and for a song that’s less than two-minutes in length, you’ve gotta give Vincent real credit for a refreshing & inspired performance that makes a memorable impact.

Regular readers & followers of our pages, channels, and shows know that we’re endless supporters of art & music – and through the video, Vincent’s ensured you get a wonderful dose of both at full strength.  “Gendanke” becomes every bit as graceful, stunning, and beautiful onscreen as you’ve heard it coming through your speakers – the interpretive dance by Emphis was a gorgeous way of bringing the heart of the emotion you’ll find at the core of “Gendanke” to the video…it was truly a perfect complement to the spectacularly sweet sound flowing in the music.  I’m highly impressed with how much bold emotion and vibrant, lively melody that Krennerich was able to discover in such a short space of time – it’s a song that could easily move you from tears to joy & joy to tears with the slightest bend or inflection as it plays.  You might wanna keep a Kleenex or two handy just in case…but no matter how you slice it, Vincent Krennerich has created a memorable moment in time you’ll wish you could stay locked inside of forever – I’m stoked on what I see and what I hear – and if you REALLY love beautiful music, I can guarantee you’ll feel the same.

The single “Gendanke” comes from the three-song EP of the same name – find more music from Vincent Krennerich at Spotify here:

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